Colds in dogs causes adenoviral infection. There are 2 types of adenovirus. In the dog's body the virus enters through various ways: from communicating with a sick dog or animal that is a carrier of this disease. More common in puppies, adult dogs sick, low immunity or in the absence of routine vaccination. Vaccinated animals practically do not get sick or suffer infection in the form of light.
Treatment of sick dogs shall appoint a veterinarian. It boils down to the elimination of symptoms and viral infection.
Antiviral drugs: "Anandin", "Fosprenil". Prescribed doses, in accordance with the live weight of the animal. The course of treatment with these drugs for 5-7 days, depending on the condition of the dog.
Antibiotics:"Amoxicillin", "Cobactan", "Ceftriaxone". Some types of antibiotics are prescribed 2 times a day, others 1 every 2 days. It all depends on the state of the animal and the absence of allergic drug reactions.
Vitamins and immunomodulators: "Vitam", "Vetom", "Gamebalance", "Ribotan". Appointed along with antibiotics, as they are able to maintain the intestinal microflora. These include various probiotics for dogs.
Symptomatic medication: if the dog started vomiting, then assigned to "Reglan" or "Metoclopramide", only in the injection, as repeated vomiting the efficacy of this drug in the tablets is drastically reduced. When you cough are appointed mucolytic substances. If the cough is dry and transferred to retching, mucous membranes of the mouth and throat can be refreshed with infusions of herbs or medical sprays.
At elevated temperatures (above 39 degrees), the animal can be given 'Paracetamol'. Large dog 1 tablet, medium — half, a little – a quarter. When expirations from a nose it is recommended to rinse the nasal passages of mucus and pus warm saline and bury the dog vasoconstrictive drops in the nose 2-3 times a day.
If in this disease the animal refuses to eat for more than 2-3 days, she required intravenous infusion of nutrient solutions. This can be done only in a veterinary clinic or call a doctor at home.
During recovery the dog is recommended food diet. From the diet should exclude raw meat, bones, and roughage. You can offer her boiled chicken with rice or dry food, pre-soaked in broth.
If your house lives a few dogs, the diseased animal must be isolated, as it is a source of infection. When walking on the street is also not recommended for games or socializing with other dogs. Annual vaccination maintains a strong immunity in dogs of this virus throughout life.