The first and most severe symptom of the disease is vomiting. The animal weakens, becomes listless, refuses to eat. Vomiting recurs after a short period of time, all accompanied by foul-smelling, liquid stool. He first of light brown, then begins to darken, and later spotting.

The worst symptom is stringy vomiting and light as cream, cal. This suggests that the pet dies. The dog may experience seizures in the region of the peritoneum. Increases body temperature. If it is more 39оС, you should raise the alarm. You can palpate the abdomen of a dog. If when pressing on the stomach pet cowers, whining is a sign of an infectious disease.

The causes of enteritis

The disease is accompanied by inflammation of the small intestine. This occurs due to the ingestion of an infection, virus or parasites. Carriers of infection are sick animals that leave the infection in the external environment with the faeces or vomit. Newly recovered individual can be dangerous dogs.

Outbreaks are often observed during exhibitions and competitions. Enteritis may be nonbacterial, and may arise as a result of severe stress, poisoning substandard products or water, change of diet, overeating.

The treatment of intestinal inflammation

If the owner noticed strange behavior in your pet, the first signs of enteritis, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor. The vet will conduct all necessary tests to determine the cause of the disease and prescribe effective treatment. Vomiting and diarrhea lead to severe dehydration. So severe patients need to put a dropper with a nutrient saline solution. During this period, it is better to leave the dog in the hospital that she was under the supervision of doctors.

In the treatment of disease, the dog is first subjected to a starvation diet, to free the intestines. For this purpose, castor oil has a laxative effect. Then the dog gives disinfectant and astringent drugs. To restore the body to diet add vitamins, glucose. The first days it is better to be limited to kefir, medicinal decoctions and egg white.

Prevention of the disease

As prevention it is necessary to timely vaccination, to monitor what the dog eats and drinks. Careful owner shall each day inspect the pet to follow its behavior in order to identify different kinds of disabilities. Special care need puppies and older dogs.