You will need
  • A solution of potassium permanganate, boric acid, sulfacetamide eye ointment (e.g. tetracycline), salicylic acid, chamomile.
To treat the parrot, if you are a lover of poultry and have no experience, very difficult. Not so much hard to treat, how much is difficult to correctly diagnose the illness. Although nowadays it is very difficult to find a veterinarian – a specialist in birds, it's better to take the bird at least to the nearest veterinary clinic.
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The most common diseases in parrots are: eye disease; inflammation of goiter; diarrhea or on the contrary a blockage of the intestines; cold and cough; heat stroke. Poisoning, tumors, obesity, beriberi, abnormal molting. Cockatiels are rarely affected skin parasites, or worms.
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Eye disease

The birds may develop conjunctivitis. A bird's eye slattach, blush, eyelids swell. The bird rubs against the perch, often blinks and narrows his eyes. Cause conjunctivitis can chemical irritants, infection, eye irritation, smoke or caustic gas, mote or dust. Flush eyes the bird slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate or a weak solution of boric acid. Then drip into the eyes of the bird a solution of sulfacetamide. In difficult cases use the ointment for eyes.
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Inflammation of goiter

This disease develops in birds due to poor quality or dirty food and dirty water. Inflammation of goiter bird becomes lethargic, she has a poor appetite and often regurgitates food. Free goiter birds from food residues: rinse the craw slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate, with a pipette or a syringe without the needle. Next, enter a 2% solution of salicylic acid. Poite parrot decoction of chamomile.
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Causes of diarrhea can be caused by various factors. But accurate diagnosis and determine the causes of diarrhea can only vet. Diarrhea poultry litter liquid, is not formed. Feathers around the cloaca contaminated with feces. The first well will clean and disinfect the cage, feeders and waterers. Eliminate from the diet of a bird is green and wet food. In a bowl pour just boiled water. You can add water, a little solution of potassium permanganate. Will vapaita the bird with a syringe without a needle crushed activated charcoal, diluted in water. If during the day the situation does not change, then immediately show the bird to the vet.
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Colds and runny nose
For colds and runny nose the bird becomes lethargic, her eyes are inflamed, appear mucous discharge from nostrils, cough, shortness of breath, the bird is sneezing, breathing with open beak. Colds birds contribute to drafts, changes in temperature, too cold water in the drinking bowl or bathing. Next to the bird place a heater or lamp, just make sure that the distance from the warmer to the birds was too small, so that the bird is not overheated. When secretions from the nose treat the entire parrot's beak lightly salted water (1/4 teaspoon salt to 0.5 cups of water). After processing directly in the nostrils parrot beet juice.
Heat stroke
Heat stroke can happen at the parrot with a long stay in the environment with high temperature. In heat stroke the bird breathing heavily, opening the beak, the eyes begin to flutter, lost coordination. In this case, the parrot will move with a cool dark room. Rinse it with cool water, give to drink.
Traumatic injuries
With free movement around the apartment parrots often receive injuries of different nature. Flying, they can hit the glass or walls and to broken limbs or a concussion. You can sit on an outdoor fire, on a hot pan or get into a plate of hot food and it burns. If a concussion parrot with permanently closed eyes, ruffled feathers on the head, unbalanced. In this case, the cover with a dark fabric, create the bird of the conditions of peace and quiet. After a while, the parrot will be fine. For small burns, place the defeat of the oil mineral oil or 3-5%-it solution of potassium permanganate.
Other lesions and diseases, it is best not self-medicate and seek help to the nearest veterinary clinic.