Burp your pet is not something pathological in the case, if this is fairly rare. However, recurring belching can be a symptom of some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, or to indicate that you feed the animal appropriate food for him. What is burp, why it occurs and how to fight it?

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Causes of burping in dogs

Such a thing as burping, is an involuntary release of gas from the stomach through the mouth; it is in many cases accompanied by a specific sound and smell. Not mandatory, but possible ejection from the stomach into the oral cavity a small amount of its liquid contents.

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What is triggered by a burp in the dog? An excessive amount of gas that a small amount is normally present in the stomach may be due to the fermentation processes inside it – resulting from the consumption of certain foods. Also, the cause may be ingestion of a large amount of air in the process of eating – it happens, if the dog quickly and eagerly enough food. Finally, the burping may indicate the presence of certain diseases.

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Frequent belching can occur due to the fact that the sphincter separating the esophagus from the stomach does not have enough tight closure – this can be either congenital or acquired pathology. Gastritis, peptic ulcer and other diseases of the mucous membrane of the stomach prevents the normal digestion, causing is eaten in the stomach for too long. It causes putrefactive and fermentation processes with the formation inside the stomach of hydrogen sulfide, a symptom which may be foul-smelling burp in the dog.

The dog burp: what to do?

If your pet too often there is burping, which obviously causes the dog discomfort and pain, probably something is wrong. Be sure to show the dog to the vet, do not delay a visit to a specialist. He will question you about the way of life of the animal, its diet and take all the necessary tests.

Not always possible to diagnose pathology of the gastrointestinal tract in dogs through visual examination. You may need to do an x-ray of stomach, ultrasound of internal organs or produce another survey. According to the results, the vet will be able to diagnose the animal and treat.