Normal cough the cat performs a kind of protective function, it helps the animal to get rid of foreign objects trapped in the airway. Very often, cats begin to cough, caught in a smoky room, because the smoke may be very strong allergen for the animal. If the cat tries to get rid of the liquid or object caught in the Airways, it is usually cranes.
How strange it might sound, but the coughing in cats can cause helminths (worms). Breeding parasites can get into the animal's stomach from the intestine, and from there, along with vomit to navigate to the external environment. Cough in animals in this case occurs because of irritation of receptors of the esophagus during vomiting.
Coughing in cats can act as the leading symptom of such a dangerous disease such as asthma. The causes of this disease can serve as an allergic reaction of the pet to household dust and other irritants. If you notice that coughing and sneezing in cats start when buying a new washing powder or cat litter, most likely, the cat began having an Allergy attack. It is necessary to identify the allergen and eliminate his presence in the apartment, an allergic cough is not outgrown in more serious disease.
To accurately determine the cause of cough in animal can only be a veterinarian. Before the visit to the specialist should try to make the cat comfortable. Relieve cough, bring in fresh moist air. Put in the room where the cat, a humidifier or just put a wet towel on the radiator.
If you are unsure of the causes of cough in animal, it is not necessary to give your pet medications, as this may distort the real cause of the disease and complicate diagnosis. In addition, the medicines can harm to the cat. If the animal is unwell and refuses to eat, do not try to feed him.
A veterinarian must ask you a few questions about feeding cats and caring for her. The specialist will examine your pet, listen to the bronchi and lungs, will conduct a survey of the upper respiratory tract. In complex cases assigned to study with an endoscope or x-rays, and biopsy of the bronchial tubes.
If the cough in cats is regular, do not delay your visit to the doctor, because the sooner you consult your doctor, the easier it will be to help the animal.