Advice 1: What if the dog has sore feet

Animals, like people, periodically suffer. Only sensible thing to do at the first sign of sickness to contact your veterinarian, who can examine and prescribe the right treatment. If this is not possible, you can try to help the dog yourself.
What if the dog has sore feet

Mechanical damage

If you notice that the dog is running out of legs, not to rely on them when you walk, inspect limbs for signs of damage. Cuts stuck the spines of plants or splinters of glass, sprains and bruises may cause pain to an animal. If you find the paw of a splinter, remove it gently with tweezers. The cut can be treated with hydrogen peroxide to avoid contact with the wound infection. Gently palpate the dog's paws to rule out dislocation, fracture or severe bruising. Fracture and dislocation of the dog will yelp even with a light touch, a limb may be deformed. All types of injuries able to give quite severe swelling. To help the animal, you can put a bandage on the injured area, apply ice, if necessary, give a painkiller. At the first opportunity to show the animal to the vet.

Hip dysplasia

Some breeds, most commonly large and heavy animals often suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. St. Bernards, sheepdogs, Labrador retrievers are susceptible to hip dysplasia. Usually this disease is observed more in puppies at the age of 4-10 months. First, the animal is lame when trying to get up, but after a few minutes, his gait is smooth. If these are not followed an appeal to the veterinarian, the problem could get worse: the animal is lame continuously hurts his paws. Dysplasia – a hereditary disease, and treatment does not exist. However, medical intervention can stop or significantly slow the progression of the disease. The sooner you contact the person noticing the problem, the more chances your dog to enjoy a full life. In the most severe cases, the animal shows an operation.

Senile diseases of the joints

With age, dogs can develop diseases such as arthritis, diskospondylitis, osteochondrosis. The first symptoms are similar to dysplasia tazobedrennom joints rising, animal limps. Gradually, the disease progresses, the dog feels pain, he refuses to go for a walk, cease to move, even within the apartment. The result can be total paralysis. The best help an animal in this situation can provide only a veterinarian. These diseases can not be cured, but timely medication and physiotherapy can slow down the progression of the disease and give your pet several more years of healthy life.

Advice 2: How to make legs lean

Different reasons can lead to this foot condition that you are eager to do their evil. To solve the problem from different sides, but it is best to do it comprehensively.
Moderate sports load good for slender legs
An important step, which is necessary, is physical exercise. If you need frequent loading. It is best to do the exercises at a fast pace with light weight. Heavy weight, on the contrary, helps build muscle, which in your case is premature. It is important to maintain the pace for at least 20 minutes and not make a long pause. It is very effective exercise bikes.
Watch your diet. Coaches call it "dried". At this time, from the diet should exclude or minimize the consumption of simple carbohydrates (sweets, starchy foods, starchy foods). Also try to eat less fat.
Massage (foot massage, holistic massage, anti-cellulite massage) will affect the condition of your feet. The main thing - do it regularly, at least 2 times a week. Massage increases the blood circulation in the massaged area and helps excrete various toxins. Muscles after massage come to tone the skin is tightened and becomes more elastic.
Do not worry if you have no time or opportunity to visit a masseur. The effects of regular self-massage is also you will be amazed.
Anti-cellulite creams are effective, but only if you combine them with other steps. If you are going to do exercises and watch your diet, of course, makes no sense to buy expensive creams. But if you do all of the above and add to these actions the regular use of anti-cellulite cream, you will make your legs lean even faster.
Once you reach your goal, continue to support the reached condition of the feet. The state takes much less time and effort.
Useful advice
Regularly look at photos of girls and women with slender legs. This will help you not to relax just for today."

Advice 3: How to learn to do a cartwheel

The wheel is one of the most spectacular and yet simple exercises, which is available to everyone who regularly engaged in fitness, or just watching their physical form. The wheel refers to the exercises that you can learn to do yourself subject to certain safety and insurance assistant.
How to learn to do a cartwheel
First of all, clear the space around you. Of course, to learn how to make the wheel easier in a dedicated training room. If you visit such a room is not possible, the maximum clear space of the room. Remove furniture with sharp corners and hide the dishes. Remember about safety. If free space is not as much as I would like, and you fear for your ability, ask someone to accompany you during exercise.
Many people are given the wheel with one hand. In order to learn how to do a cartwheel correctly, determine which side, right or left, it will be easier to implement it.
Imagine all the precise sequence of movements during exercise. You have to gradually redistribute your weight at four points during the run of the wheel. Let's say that your support leg is the left, in this case, the sequence of rolls will be as follows: left leg – left arm – right arm – right leg. If the support leg is the right, it's the opposite.
Once you visualize the whole sequence, try it now. Let your assistant you insure at first. You may need to hold the legs when they are at the top, until you learn how to control the center of gravity.
Ideally, if you learn to make the wheel slow, at any point to linger as long as possible, gradually transferring the body weight to the next reference point and smoothly to his feet at the end of the exercise. When you learn how to do a cartwheel, most likely, over time, you will wonder, is it really that tough? So natural and light you will feel this exercise.
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