There is a multilateral approach to strengthening the body, which includes the fortification, timely immunization, as well as measures to improve physical condition and health through hardening, compliance with a healthy lifestyle and systematic physical exertion.

Among a large number of ways to maintain the body's doctors focus on the vitamins that could have an impact on the immune system.

For greatest efficiency, the receive complex vitamins is recommended in the spring and autumn period. Summer to enrich our bodies, the body preferably with the consumption of fruit, vegetables and berries fresh.

Vitamin D to strengthen the body

One of the most important vitamins for boosting and strengthening the immune system of an adult and child is vitamin D. It has a great influence on the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in the body.

In its deficit consumption in children there may be a predisposition to the development of such diseases as rickets. For an adult, a lack of this vitamin can lead to various dental diseases, and the development of osteoporosis and a drop in immunity.

The use of the necessary doses of vitamin D allows to significantly prevent the leaching of other useful vitamins from the body, and support the stability of immunity to various diseases.

Once vitamin D enters the human body, accelerating the production of antibodies which are capable of destroying various bacteria and viruses. That is why, choosing complex vitamins to strengthen the body, you need to pay attention to the content of vitamin D in its composition.

Influence of vitamins A, E, C and R for immunity

In addition to vitamin D, a vitamin complex to strengthen the immune system must necessarily contain other important vitamins. One of them - vitamin a, responsible for the production of immunoglobulin of mucous membranes and increases their resistance to various bacteria and viruses.

Also necessary vitamin E, can significantly increase the resistance of erythrocytes to the effects of toxins, viruses and various carcinogens. The use of vitamin E in the required amount greatly accelerates the process of disposing the body of harmful substances which are allocated with the blood.

Vitamin F is having a tremendous impact on the enhancement of nonspecific immunity, which significantly accelerates and activates metabolic processes in the body. The consumption of it in sufficient quantities allows you to speed up the absorption of vitamin E and A, while increasing the protective function of the immune system.

A special place in vitamin complexes is vitamin C which in combination with vitamin e allows you to optimize cellular microcirculation, and enhance the protective functions of the immune system.

Recommended vitamin complexes, which are balanced in composition and the most effective for overall body strengthening: "Vitrum", "Multitabs", "alphabet", "Alphabet". Well-proven "Immunal Forte" and "spectrum".

It must be remembered that the excess of vitamins may be even more harmful to the body than the lack of it. That is why it is necessary to consult with a specialist.