Connecting payment to MTS can be made at any time. Customization service available through the "Mobile assistant". To access it, type on the keyboard light 111123 number and press the call button or send it to the operator USSD-request *111*123#. Activation of the "Trust payment" is possible via the subscription service. To talk with an employee call on the number 1113. In addition, all customers can activate the service by sending USSD command to *111*32#.
However, when you activate a trusted payment, it is necessary to remember that its size depends on the amount that you spend each month on communications services. For example, if your costs amount to about three hundred rubles a month, the accrued payment shall not exceed two hundred rubles. The service lasts 7 days, at the expiration of the funds will be debited from your account. As soon as you activate the payment, you can check your balance using shortcodes *100#.
Don't forget that the mobile operator "MTS" - not the only one who provides such a service. Other callers also can request the interim payment, however, in all companies he wears a different name. In "the Megaphone" to connect the available "Credit of trust". In order to activate the service, please contact either the customer care office, or in one of the shops of the company. In any of the institutions will help the consultant: it will determine you available credit limit (it can always be changed). Please note that by personal visit you will need to show your passport and the contract with the operator for provision of Telecom services. And the connection and use of services for free, no subscription fee.
Activate the "Loan" can independently, without resorting to the employees of the company. To do this, use a special USSD-command *138#. After his departure, you will be able to see the list of packages that are available for connection on your room. Select the package that best suits you. The fact that they differ from each other only in the amount (for example, the smallest one contains 300 rubles, and the largest – 1,700 rubles).
Remember about the self-service subscribers, which is called "Service Guide". The entrance is through a web interface located on the official website of "MegaFon".
Clients of the company "Beeline" can relax with confidence payment by sending a request to *141#. The amount paid depends on monthly communication costs.