If you need promised paymentorder using the service "Mobile Assistant". It is available at a number 111123. In addition, you can send Ussd command *111*123#. In MTS, there is also a subscription service through which it is possible to order services. To call the service number 1113. And here is the second Ussd-command, which is accessed using "Promised payment" - *111*32#.
It should be noted that each subscriber promised payment is available in different size. It depends entirely on how much money you spend each month on communications services. Here's an example: if your costs amount to no more than 300 rubles per month, can obtain a loan in the amount of not more than 200 rubles. The duration of the promised payment is seven days. Upon expiration, the funds will automatically be debited by the operator. By the way, after ordering you can check if you have got the money in the account. To do this, use the Ussd *100#.
Please note: if you run out of balance, then the other party will also be able to Fund your account. However, this is only available to customers of MTS (transfers are possible only within the network).
To make a transfer of funds, send to the operator a Ussd request *112*the number of subscriber-recipient*amount of transfer#. Keep in mind that each time you can only send 300 rubles, not more.
"Direct transmission" is another service that allows you to transfer funds to other MTS subscribers. You can configure it and install one of two types of payment. The first lump sum. With it, you can send money to the balance of another person. To activate it dial on the phone keypad dialing *111*phone number in any format* the amount of administration (1 to 300)# and then press send call.
Another form of "Direct transfer" allows to set up regular transfers. You can set the time interval in which the other person will receive the money about his mobile phone. To order the service, you will need to use the number *111*mobile phone number*a receipt of payment (1 — daily, 2 — weekly, 3 — monthly)*amount#.