You will need
  • Money
  • The phone number
If the balance on the account your phone is negative - it can be topped up in several ways. Consider some of them in detail. First of all you need to know what operator you are served, not to be mistaken with the address of point of reception of payments.
The easiest way is to come to point of reception of payments your operator and Deposit money to the account directly through the cashier. For this you need to dictate the phone number to the operator (in some cases you will be asked to write a number to avoid errors). Sometimes you can ask the name of the person who owns the phone, also in order to avoid mistakes, make money. So just in case, have such information if the number is registered to another person or organization.
Then they take your money and give you a receipt. Please do not dispose of the receipt as long as the money is not credited to your account phone. Otherwise it will be very difficult to prove a mistake of transferring money, such as another room in case of system failure or omissions of the operator-cashier.
The second method is depositing via payment terminals. Terminals can be located in stores, shopping malls, supermarkets and other crowded places.
Please note that the terminal does not give change, so recharge should be exactly the amount you want to Deposit. Notes taken by the terminal must be new, not wrinkled and not torn. Otherwise there is a high probability that the terminal cannot accept the bill.
Carefully type in the phone number to which you want to put money, and also keep the receipt after the transaction before the funds are credited to the account. Terminals sure the Commission is taken for transfer of funds, carefully read the conditions before the operation.
The third way is refill phone via the Internet. To do this, you must be online wallets with funds for them. Usually in the Internet purses are ready-made shapes and buttons "to pay services of cellular communication", or something like that.
Go to the Yandex-money, drop down the page and see the tab "Mobile communications".

Clicking on it opens a list of operators in your region. Click on your mobile operator and enter the phone number to which you want to transfer money. Note the spelling of phone numbers, normally the first figure do not fit. Then write the amount in the account. The minimum amount of 2 rubles, maximum 3000. Then click "Pay". After that, the system will check you, you enter the payment password, and the coincidence of its money transfer will take place successfully. You will see the transaction number and the system will tell you that the money was transferred. With the e-wallet account replenishment is usually done without a fee. However, to clarify this matter directly in the system.