You will need
  • - the mobile phone.
To start send with phone USSD *122*#, click "Call". In the response message you will learn if the service, the amount you can get. Will also be asked to review the General rules for the granting of credit and the algorithm of further actions.
It is worth considering that the "Promised payment" is approved only for the old Tele2 subscribers who use more than 3-5 months (depending on region). The service is free.
If you have been approved to receive money from Tele2, dial *122*1# and press "Call". You will be connected to the service, and the account of the mobile phone will automatically be credited for the approved amount of the promised payment.
The service allows you to recharge Tele2 credit worth up to 50 rubles. Within three days you must repay, the money will be deducted automatically. In some regions, the deadline for the grant money from Tele2 is extended to 10 days. It is worth considering that at maturity will be further taken by the Commission from 1 to 5 rubles. So, to continue using the services of when you need to recharge for a higher amount.
Again you can use the service immediately at the time of repayment or up to eight days. It depends on the region customer service.