You will need
  • Cell phone
MTS (OJSC "Mobile TeleSystems"). Recharge on phone with SIM card of MTS can be up to 800 rubles, depending on taken by the user of the monthly amounts in three ways:
• call to 1113;

• dial *111*123# and call;

• use Internet-helper, where tab is the "Promised payment" located in the section "Payment".
Megaphone. This operator provides the service "Promised payment" for 5 days from 10 to 300 RUB in two ways:
• recruit *105*6*the amount of the promised payment# and call;

• send an SMS with the text P(or N)credit amount to the number 000105, for example, P150
Beeline (OJSC VimpelCom"). To activate the service "Trust payment" valid for three days and amounting to 300 rubles.:
• dial *141# call.
Tele2. Take 30 rubles in debt on three days:
• dial *122*1# and call.
Rostelecom. Take the money you can borrow using the service "Promised payment", is issued for up to 5 days:
• to activate the service in the personal Cabinet.
SMARTS. The service "Trust payment" is valid for 24 hours the loan amount is not more than 50 rubles, to activate the service, you must:
• apply to the customer service Center.
Motive. This operator provides "deferred payment" for 5 days in the amount of 100 rubles, in three ways:
• call the contact centre to number 111 or the fixed telephone (343) 269-0000;

• dial *103*103#call;

• choose in the section "Additional services" requested service in FOX (Personal Internet Service Subscriber).
Skylink. To take money in debt can be up to 5 days in the amount of RUB 290 in the following ways:
• call 555;

• choose "Subscriber" - "My service" at mobile portal SkyMobile;

• using This Internet service.