Advice 1: How to get money to borrow in the phone

Each there are times when you need to immediately call and money on the mobile phone balance is over, and no way to refill it in the terminal. To do this, each mobile operator has introduced a new service of the loan a certain amount for a few days.
How to get money to borrow in the phone
You will need
  • Cell phone
MTS (OJSC "Mobile TeleSystems"). Recharge on phone with SIM card of MTS can be up to 800 rubles, depending on taken by the user of the monthly amounts in three ways:
• call to 1113;

• dial *111*123# and call;

• use Internet-helper, where tab is the "Promised payment" located in the section "Payment".
Megaphone. This operator provides the service "Promised payment" for 5 days from 10 to 300 RUB in two ways:
• recruit *105*6*the amount of the promised payment# and call;

• send an SMS with the text P(or N)credit amount to the number 000105, for example, P150
Beeline (OJSC VimpelCom"). To activate the service "Trust payment" valid for three days and amounting to 300 rubles.:
• dial *141# call.
Tele2. Take 30 rubles in debt on three days:
• dial *122*1# and call.
Rostelecom. Take the money you can borrow using the service "Promised payment", is issued for up to 5 days:
• to activate the service in the personal Cabinet.
SMARTS. The service "Trust payment" is valid for 24 hours the loan amount is not more than 50 rubles, to activate the service, you must:
• apply to the customer service Center.
Motive. This operator provides "deferred payment" for 5 days in the amount of 100 rubles, in three ways:
• call the contact centre to number 111 or the fixed telephone (343) 269-0000;

• dial *103*103#call;

• choose in the section "Additional services" requested service in FOX (Personal Internet Service Subscriber).
Skylink. To take money in debt can be up to 5 days in the amount of RUB 290 in the following ways:
• call 555;

• choose "Subscriber" - "My service" at mobile portal SkyMobile;

• using This Internet service.
Most operators give money in debt to their subscribers using the services of their cellular more than a month or more than three months.

Advice 2 : How to MTS to borrow money

Dial the number and hear: "your account has insufficient funds for this operation"? Do not have to search for a terminal and go to pay for mobile. Mobile operator MTS provides other ways to solve problems.
You can borrow money for MTS
You will need
  • mobile phone, Internet
If you went into the negative by no more than 30 rubles, you can activate "Promised payment". Dial *111*123# and call or call 1113 and follow the system instructions. You can also use the services of an online assistant.
If you are less than 20 rubles, the service is free. If you take more than 20 rubles, the cost of each such service – 5 rubles. The amount of the promised payment depends on how much you spend on mobile services MTS per month.
At a cost of 300 rubles, you can take the MTS to 200 rubles. If you spend from 301 to 500 rubles a month, you get the promised payment of 400 rubles. With flow rates ranging from 501 rubles a month the amount of the promised payment is equal to 800 rubles.
At zero balance, there are other possibilities "to borrow money". This connection is a free service "In full confidence". It allows you to immediately go to minus 300 rubles, without interrupting the communication. Further, depending on the period of use of credit limit increases. After 6 months, it will be 50% of the amount spent on communication services. To connect to this service, you need to dial on your mobile digit combination *111*32# and press the call key.
There is another option to call and send SMS in case of a negative balance. It is a service "requirement". To connect it is not necessary. To send SMS to another MTS subscriber at his expense, you need to dial a number with the prefix 5880. If he agrees, you can do it. To call another subscriber at his expense, you need to dial 0880 and phone number in 10-digit format and press the call button. With the consent of the subscriber it will be possible.
In addition, there is a service "Call me back". To use dial *110* mobile number of the desired subscriber, # and call. With the service "replenish my account" you can use a friend to transfer your balance into a positive one. Dial on your mobile *116* destination number # and call. The services of "Call me" and "replenish my account" you can use, referring not only to MTS subscribers and to users of all mobile networks of the Russian Federation.
Take care of the replenishment of the balance, connect the required service in advance
Useful advice
Remember at least one method in your mobile

Advice 3 : How to get money in debt on the MTS without any problems

Man is not confronted with the problem of the negative balance, while nearby are the benefits of civilization is the ability to quickly refill. But to mobile money may end up in the road or while camping. To MTS subscribers experienced temporary inconveniences and did not restrict themselves to communicate, they are given the opportunity to take the money in debt to MTS, and it can be done in several ways.
How to get money in debt on the MTS without any problems

The service "Promised payment"

For subscribers of mobile operator MTS offers the service "Promised payment", which is the fastest and easiest method of obtaining money in the account. It can be plugged in the following ways:

- dial *111*123#, press the call button and get to the account in 7 days amount to 800 rubles;

- call the number 1113, and follow the prompts of the operator;

- to use the "Internet Assistant" (in the section "Payment" to move to "the Promised payment").

The loan amount depends on how much the caller spends money on communications, but to make it equivalent it can independently.

If you order amount is less than 30 rubles service free. The order of 30 rubles and more will cost 7 rubles for each payment.

Service "In full confidence"

For those who want to pay for already made calls and communicate safely within months without fear of blockage due to lack of funds, there is a service of MTS "On complete trust".

Subscribing to the free service, the subscriber can take the money in debt to MTS, using a limit of 300 rubles. If you continuously use the service "In full confidence" for 6 months, then the operator increases the limit of 50% of total costs.

To connect to the service dial a USSD-command *111*32# or use the "Internet Assistant" (under "full trust" to go under "Control limit").

However, for the enjoyment of the privileges of this service operator MTS has outlined some of the criteria that must be met, namely:

  • full and timely payment for services of mobile communication;
  • communication costs per month 300 rubles;
  • use the services of MTS of 3 months;
  • no debts to the operator on other accounts.

Also, the service is not available to subscribers who have the tariff plans "Your country", "Class", "MTS connect", "Guest" and "MTS iPad.

Borrow money for MTS friends

If for some reason you can not take the money in debt for MTS at the operator, it is possible to contact friends or family and recharge your phone at their expense. To do this, MTS offers two free services: "Video transfer" and "replenish my account", which is available for every subscriber of this operator and it does not require a connection.

To use the service "Direct transfer", contact a friend and ask him to dial on your phone *112*the number that you need to refill*recharge amount#/.

Service "replenish my account" implies sending a friend or family member an SMS with a request, and he chooses how to implement it. For that the person needed help, got to your room to dial *116*the number#, and the request will go to the recipient.

In the same way you can specify the amount you wish to Deposit. Then the query will be as follows: *116*recipient number*amount to be put on the account#.

In both cases, the number in the query can be typed in any of the following formats:

  • ten-digit mobile number;
  • +7 (ten digit number);
  • 8 (ten digit number);
  • 7 (ten digit number).

The Service "Help Me Out"

If the specified ways to get money in debt for MTS failed, in extreme cases, you can use the "help me out" and make a call to MTS subscriber at his expense. This can be done in two ways:

- in Russia dial 0880 and after the answering machine answers, enter the ten digit number of the person you want to call;

- international roaming dial request *880*ten-digit subscriber's number#/.

The called party receives a call, and the operator offers him at their own expense to accept the challenge.

Mobile operator cares about its customers and provides them with multiple ways to take money in debt to MTS, so that in emergency situations, the caller always stayed in touch and not feel discomfort.

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