How much money you can get into debt on the Beeline

The Beeline is able to provide its customers with different amount of debt. It depends because, how much the customer has spent their money over the last 3 months.

  1. If the subscriber was inactive and spent on communication-only 100 rubles, the Beeline can provide "Trust" in the amount of 30 rubles.
  2. If the amount of money spent was in the range of 100 to 1500 rubles, the subscriber will be able to borrow on the Beeline was 90 RUB.
  3. If the client cellular communications in the last 3 months spent 1500-3000 rubles, you can get "Trust payment" in the amount of 150 rubles.
  4. But if the amount spent on calls, SMS and other services for the last 3 months exceeded 3000 rubles, the subscriber may obtain a loan under the Beeline 300 RUB.

In addition to these conditions in 3 and 4 case Beeline demands from its subscribers and additional. So, in the third case, in addition to the already mentioned conditions, the subscriber's balance should be less than 60 RUB. In the fourth case, the caller must be in the account is less than 90 RUB.

How to get "Trust payment"

To take the money in debt by telephone at any time of the day, whatever works customer service Department. To receive the service "Trust payment" just need to enter the USSD code *141# and press the call button. Within a few minutes the caller should receive a message with information on the loan. It displays data such as:

  • The amount of credit granted;
  • The processing status of the request;
  • Date of withdrawal of debt from the subscriber's account.

It should be noted that borrow money on the Beeline provided for a period of 3 days. During this period, the subscriber must recharge your account at least on a specified loan amount.