To take a credit in the "Beeline", dial *141# and press the call.
The loan amount on the "Beeline" depends on the amount of money that you spent on cell phones over the last 3 months:
- if the last 3 months have you spent on cell phones more than 3000 in a month, then the loan amount will be 300 rubles. The sum of the account balance must be 0 to 90 rubles;
- if communication costs ranged from 1500 to 3000 rubles per month, the amount of the credit will be 150 rubles, and the account balance must be 0 to 60 roubles;
- if you spent from 100 to 1500 rubles per month, "trust payment" will be equal to 90 rubles, and the balance on your account must be from 0 to 60 roubles;
- if communication costs have not exceeded 100 rubles per month, the loan amount can only be 30 rubles, and the account balance must be 0 to 30 rubles.
The term of crediting in the "Beeline" is 3 days, and then the amount will be deducted from your account.
If you ordered the credit for the phone in the "Beeline", being in international roaming, the period after which he will be charged will be 7 days. In addition, you will increase the loan amount to: 300 rubles, if the cost of communication for the last 3 months was not less than 1500 rubles per month and 450 rubles, if the cost exceeded 3000 rubles.
For the service of the loan in the "Beeline" fee – 5 rubles, including VAT, which is charged along with the cancellation of the amount upon the expiration of its validity.
You can get the loan in the "Beeline" only 24 hours after the cancellation of the previous one.
For a loan can put a ban. It is necessary to call by phone 0611.