You will need
  • - mobile phone connected to the network "MegaFon"
Please note the service "Promised payment". Activation of this service allows for at least three days to use mobile phones, after which simply repay the debt. "Promised payment" is free of charge. To activate call the number 0006, type the command *106# or send an SMS message indicating the desired amount to the number 0006.Deactivate automatically after three days.
Include "Promised payment" only with the command *106#. The service is available on all tariff plans except for "MegaFon-Online", "MegaFon-Login" and "Ring-Ding". However, some of the paid plans the connection is made only if the customer uses the room more than three months and the sum on the account in the previous calendar month is positive (i.e. greater than zero). Besides, some tariff plans the maximum amount of "Promised payment" - 100 roubles, and on the other it is possible to borrow 300 rubles.
Can not limited to three days: take "Credit of trust". This service allows clients of "MegaFon" to communicate "in debt" for a long time. You can activate the service with no connection fees and connection charges. In the second case, the subscribers have more opportunities. The credit limit is not available to legal persons and customers of MegaFon with a special non-profit and corporate tariff plans. Packages "credibility" can't use and those subscribers on the account which was more than one user.