You can make a promised payment to MTS using the service "Mobile Assistant". To use it, just call the number 111123 or dial *111*123#. On some phones you should dial *111*32#. A shorter number where you can get the service is 1113. On it you can get through customer service of MTS. Order the service via the voice menu on your own or contact your operator.
Activate the service the promised payment on the official website of MTS using the service "Internet Assistant". Order your password to log in to your account and get it to your phone number. Go to "Payment" and select "Promised payment". In addition, on this page you can get statistics for the previously ordered services, and also useful to turn off the option as soon as you no longer need it.
Please note that to make the promised payment to MTS only those customers who have not activated this option and didn't order a "Credit" or "full trust". Upon successful activation of the promised payment to your account will be credited the amount of 50 rubles provided for the week. Depending on the connected rates and frequency of use of cellular communication you can rely on a greater amount of the loan. For example, if in a month you spend on calls up to 300 rubles, you will be able to make the promised payment of 200 rubles, and if monthly cost is 500 rubles, the available limit can reach up to 800 rubles, etc. To determine monthly expenses, use a free service "Internet Assistant" through the official website of MTS. The necessary information is in the section "cost Control".