Advice 1: How to activate "Promised payment" on the MTS

It happens that the sum of the balance of the phone to make a call, and within walking distance there is no cash register or payment terminal. In this case, MTS offers the service "Promised payment" and stay always connected.
How to activate "Promised payment" on the MTS


How to connect a "Promised payment" on the MTS

For the convenience of the subscribers there are several ways in which to take the promised payment to MTS. For this you can call from your mobile number 1113 and receive money on the balance in debt. You can also order the promised payment, by dialing service code *111*123# and wait for message that the balance is replenished, continue to use communication. There is another way to take the promised payment for MTS is to seek the services of an online assistant. In this case, on the company's website, find the section "Payment", click on it and select "Promised payment" and go to the "History of the promised payments.

Conditions activate "Promised payment"

The majority of callers can take the promised payment to MTS. Service is not available will be only for connecting to the tariff "MTS iPad", "Your country" and "Guest". You also cannot use the promised payment, if you have previously connected services such as "Credit" and "full trust". And, of course, to take the promised payment to MTS will not work if you already took the money in debt and failed to repay it.

Currently, MTS offers to take the money in debt of almost all its customers, even those whose balance turned to minus 30 rubles. Except for those subscribers who use the services of this operator's less than 2 months, they promised payment is only available in the plus balance.

The amount of "Promised payment"

If you need to take the promised payment to MTS, keep in mind that the amount borrowed for a time, depends on how much money you spend per month on communications. The maximum amount of the promised payment is 800 rubles. It is available to those subscribers who spend a month more than 501 rubles for MTS services. 400 rubles will be able to get the one who spends from 301 to 500 rubles, and subscribers with the smallest cost – to 300 rubles, will be able to promise payment of 200 rubles.

The time and cost of connecting "the Promised payment"

Any amount borrowed from MTS can be used not more than 1 week, on the 8th day it will be debited from the account. But you will be able to take the promised payment to MTS as soon as you repay previously taken. Note that connectivity services are paid. For each promised payment will be charged the monthly fee in the amount of 5 rubles. The exception would be if the amount borrowed is less than 20 rubles, in this case, the promised payment is free of charge.

Advice 2 : How to take a payment to MTS

The service "Promised payment", provided by many cellular operators, is very popular among users of mobile phones. Indeed, it is indispensable in situations when there is no possibility to replenish the balance.
How to take a payment to MTS
You will need
  • mobile phone, Internet
Each operator its own terms, which you must read. MTS also offers its subscribers the service "Promised payment", which allows you to always stay connected, even in extreme situations. Its duration equals 7 days. This service is available for users of all tariff plans. Although there are some exceptions – "Promised payment" is unavailable if the subscriber uses the advance payment method or connected to service "on complete trust" or "credit". Then there is the possibility to go "into minus" to 300 rubles. If a month to spend the sum from 500 rubles, then the available limit in the amount of 600 rubles. Also, the account needs to be a balance not lower than minus 30 rubles, should be no existing promise to pay.
MTS provides a unique service – the more money the caller spends during the month, the more trust. If a month to spend up to 300 rubles, "Promised payment" will be equal to the amount of 200 rubles; if spent up to 500 rubles, the amount reaches 800 roubles. Thus MTS thanks our active users. Always available the amount of 50 roubles that will allow to avoid contingencies, when the money runs out at the most unpredictable moment.
In order to take advantage of this essential service are required to choose any of the three available methods. The first is the Internet assistant, which is on the official website of the operator in the payment section – the promised payment. The second way is by dialing *111*32#. The last option is to call the number 1113 and follow the instructions. It should be remembered that to exclude the option of blocking numbers, it is necessary during 7 days to replenish the balance amount that includes the size of the "Promised payment".

Advice 3 : How to disable trusted payment MTS

A number of mobile operators enables subscribers to use services, even with insufficient funds in the account. MTS subscribers have the same opportunity when the service "Promised payment". However, if the idea of using borrowed funds to pay for cellular when you don't like the service you can disable in your account on the website of MTS.
How to disable trusted payment MTS
You will need
  • phone;
  • browser.
To manage the services offered by the mobile operator, quite conveniently through a personal account on the website of the operator. Open in one of browser's tab page and click located in the upper right-hand corner on the link "Entrance to Personal Cabinet".
In the form to login, specify the login and password. The username in this case will be your phone number. Without spaces, type the sequence of numbers beginning with the code of the cellular operator.
If you never used your personal account, need input password is unknown to you can be puzzling. To resolve this problem, apply the option "Get password" by clicking the link located next to the form to login. In the next couple of minutes specified as the login number will receive an SMS with a short accompanying text and combination of numbers. Enter the password in the right field.
If necessary, change the password using the available in the personal Cabinet option "Change password". If you don't want to remember another combination of signs, can use the received password for subsequent logins.
Switch to the tab of the service "Internet assistant". The right name can be seen on the left from the tab "my account" at the top of the page. To see a list of connected services menu on the left select "Manage services". If you want to display the full list, use the option "All" in the bottom of the window. The default service names will be shown in alphabetical order.
Locate the service "Promised payment". If the left link is available on "Disable", click on it. The ability to turn off services may not be available with a negative balance. Turn on your account sufficient funds to repay the promised payment activated, and deactivate the service via the "Internet assistant".
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