How to connect a "Promised payment" on the MTS

For the convenience of the subscribers there are several ways in which to take the promised payment to MTS. For this you can call from your mobile number 1113 and receive money on the balance in debt. You can also order the promised payment, by dialing service code *111*123# and wait for message that the balance is replenished, continue to use communication. There is another way to take the promised payment for MTS is to seek the services of an online assistant. In this case, on the company's website, find the section "Payment", click on it and select "Promised payment" and go to the "History of the promised payments.

Conditions activate "Promised payment"

The majority of callers can take the promised payment to MTS. Service is not available will be only for connecting to the tariff "MTS iPad", "Your country" and "Guest". You also cannot use the promised payment, if you have previously connected services such as "Credit" and "full trust". And, of course, to take the promised payment to MTS will not work if you already took the money in debt and failed to repay it.

Currently, MTS offers to take the money in debt of almost all its customers, even those whose balance turned to minus 30 rubles. Except for those subscribers who use the services of this operator's less than 2 months, they promised payment is only available in the plus balance.

The amount of "Promised payment"

If you need to take the promised payment to MTS, keep in mind that the amount borrowed for a time, depends on how much money you spend per month on communications. The maximum amount of the promised payment is 800 rubles. It is available to those subscribers who spend a month more than 501 rubles for MTS services. 400 rubles will be able to get the one who spends from 301 to 500 rubles, and subscribers with the smallest cost – to 300 rubles, will be able to promise payment of 200 rubles.

The time and cost of connecting "the Promised payment"

Any amount borrowed from MTS can be used not more than 1 week, on the 8th day it will be debited from the account. But you will be able to take the promised payment to MTS as soon as you repay previously taken. Note that connectivity services are paid. For each promised payment will be charged the monthly fee in the amount of 5 rubles. The exception would be if the amount borrowed is less than 20 rubles, in this case, the promised payment is free of charge.