To activate the "Trust" dial the number *141# and press the call. Your account will be credited a certain amount, which will depend on your monthly expenses on communication services (the higher they are, the more amount charges). For example, if over the last three months have you spent more than 3,000 rubles, then your payment will be equal to 300 rubles. By the way, the balance on your account must be at least 0 and no more than 90 rubles.
In that case, if your expenses per month ranges from 1,500 to 3,000 rubles your account will be credited with 15 rubles. Here, your balance must be 0 to 60 rubles. "Trust payment" will be equal to 90 rubles, if you spend monthly on telecommunications services from 100 to 1500 rubles. The balance of your account, as in the previous case, shall not exceed the amount of 60 rubles.
If the expenses exceed the amount of 100 rubles or less, then you can get "Trust payment" in the amount of 30 rubles. Your balance must be 0 to 30 rubles.