You will need
  • Computer; the phone connected to the MTS
To use the service "Promised payment" can MTS who have not activated the service "On complete trust" or "Credit", and which are on mobile phones there is an already existing (previously ordered) "the Promised payment".
Connect the "Promised payment" through the official website of MTS (service "Internet Assistant", section "Payment", "Promised payment").Also in this service, you can get a history of "promised payment" on your number.

In addition, to refill your mobile with the help of this service you can dial *111*123#. Another option of obtaining "the Promised payment" - to call the number 1113.
Any customer of mobile operator MTS available amount "Promised payment" in the amount of 50 rubles, which is given for a week. However, the more a person spends for Telecom services, the greater the amount of "Promised payment" it can get. So, if you spend up to 300 rubles a month, you are allowed to "Promised payment" to 200 rubles, 500 rubles a month – to 800 rubles, etc. the Monthly cost can be determined using the free service "Internet Assistant" on the official website of MTS (see "cost Control").