To connect and disconnect service, the subscribers of "MTS may, at any time. For this they need to either use "Mobile assistant" available on number 111123, eitherto take USSD command *111*123#. Activate "Trust payment" on your phone, if you call customer services in 1113. In addition, the service is available via USSD-request *111*32#.
By the way, please note that the available size of payment will depend on how much per month you spend on communications services. You can give an example: at a cost of 300 rubles will be accrued Trustee payment in the amount of two hundred rubles. From the moment of ordering the service will operate 7 days, then the money spent will be deducted from your account automatically. To check if there is money on the account after the service is activated, you can use the USSD number *100#.
As has been said, it is "Credit" provides a different service provider. Its subscribers can activate the service by contacting the nearest salon "Megaphone" or the office of the company. You will do everything the consultant: it will calculate the credit limit, which, by the way, you then can change at any time. To activate the loan, you in person will need to have a passport and a contract for the provision of communications services. The use of the service as the connection is free. The connection is free, no subscription fees.
In addition, subscribers of "MegaFon" can use a "Credit trust" themselves. You just need to dial the command *138# and press the call. You will then see a list of available packages, pick the one that fits you). Available packages to have on your account an amount from three hundred to seven hundred thousand roubles.
Do not forget about another way to manage your services, about the self-service system called "Service Guide". Connectivity is available through the web interface of the system (the official website) or maybe when you call the contact centre.