You will need
  • Mobile phone or Internet access.
The service "Promised payment" has gained the most popularity among subscribers of MegaFon, as it allows for a few minutes to recharge your phone credit. The amount of the Deposit can be 50, 100 or 300 p.
Size available of "Promised payment" depends on how much the subscriber of the Megaphone spent in the last month (or three), as well as how much time he uses this room. When using the room less than 3 months with charges more than zero or more than 3 months with an amount less than 400 p., you will get a payment in the amount of 50 R. When using the room for more than 3 months and spend 400 p., 100 p. available over 6 months until 300 p.
"Promised payment" is available for those whose balance is negative or near to zero. There are a number of restrictions on the account balance. 50 p. connects when the account balance up to minus 40, 100 p. - up to minus 70, 300 p. - up to-250 p.
The Megaphone has 4 option for those wishing to use the service "Promised payment". The first option is through the voice menu number 0006. Second - using the USSD command *106# or *1006#. The third sms to the number 0006, indicating indicating the amount of 100 or 300 R. the Fourth - section "Payments" in your account. Roaming service can be activated only on command *106#.
Three days later, the size of the promised payment will automatically be charged together with the Commission. Therefore it is necessary beforehand to top up the balance. If you borrowed the Megaphone R. 50, the money will only be available on the day.
The service "Credit of trust" allows subscribers to communicate in a loan with a negative balance. For its connection, you must contact the sales office of a Megaphone with a passport. The amount of the credit limit, which is the subscriber, is calculated individually depending on the period of use of the number and average size of the connection cost.
The service is available only to those who use telecommunications services for more than 3 months and the amount of expenditure more than 600 p. for the last three months. A rough estimate of what amount is available to you, you can use a special calculator from a Megaphone