Advice 1: How to set the radio

In our time it is difficult to find a car that is not equipped with at least the simplest sound system. However, install the radio and speakers - even half the battle. We still have to configure the sound so that listening to it was nice.
How to set the radio
If your radio has the ability to set individual frequencies for each speaker - use this and redirect low frequencies to the speakers larger, the best way to do this, adapted (usually located in the rear). If you have a subwoofer, then it usually is a separate section of the settings.
Using the tools of the Fade and Balance set of sound you're most comfortable with. Music, as a rule, has a stereo, so four (or more) speakers to play it is not required. However, if your speakers reproduce different frequencies, it makes sense to experiment with a selection of some of them out of the picture.
Adjust the loudness so that low frequencies are not lost at low playback volume, but not buzzed at high.
If necessary, adjust the frequency pattern of your sound. These settings are very individual and depend on the perception of the listener, the speaker type and genre you are listening to music.
Listening to music, podpravlyaya settings until, until you are satisfied.

Advice 2 : How to connect speakers in a car

Good acoustics is a great addition to almost any car. But in the most basic trim missing column. The easiest way to buy them and install in your car. So you will save money and will do everything to your taste.
How to connect speakers in a car
You will need
  • - speakers
  • - soldering iron;
  • - solder;
  • - the transaction of the required type and cross-section;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - wrench set
Unplug the car before starting work, to avoid short-circuit. To do this, disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. Carefully read the instructions and recommendations that are attached to the speakers. Don't forget to purchase the wiring. In some configurations already present audiopreparation, however, laid a wire can be somewhat different from the desired cross section, which significantly affect the durability of the speakers and the quality of the reproduced sound.
Select the location where you will install the speakers. Usually they have in the doors and rear shelf, which because of this has received the name acoustic. If the door trim already has the grooves for installation, it is necessary to remove the protective panel and attach speakers.
Fabricate catwalks, if space for speakers in your configuration there is no. Podium is a kind of adapter that allows you to set the speaker so that it looked aesthetically pleasing on the background of the door trim panel. For the manufacture of catwalks, use a rubberized plastic or plywood. Brittle plastic will emit from the unpleasant vibration noise. Repeatedly do the fitting of the workpiece to minimize the risk to ruin the material. Ready podium attach using screws, pre-brushing the edges that are adjacent to the hull with sealant.
Solder the leads to the speaker. In places, adhesions glue the pieces of colored electrical tape. Now you need to carefully lay out the wiring. It is necessary to bring the head unit, usually located in the Central part of the torpedo. On some models this requires partially disassemble the lower part.
Run the wires from the door through special technical hole. To do this, take the line of medium hardness, attach it to the end of the wire. Push the line inside the door and thread through the hole, then insert it in a special protective corrugated tube and get in the car. Gently pull on the fishing line itself, until, until the end with the wires. After that, move the wiring to the back of the radio. Carefully fasten each wire for its entire length. In open places disguise it. Connect to the radio and verify the operation.
Useful advice
Carefully strip the wires accidentally damage it.

Advice 3 : Than poor native audio system of the car and how to replace it?

Since the radio is not something very necessary in the car, does not affect its safety and technical features, the manufacturer focuses on its quality: most importantly, to avoid breakdowns. As a rule, native speakers use the equipment well-known companies, but the budget options.
Than poor native audio system of the car and how to replace it?

A regular system has a narrow frequency band that gives the listener a plastic sound, the sound has no volume but at high volume starts to audition a sound from the vibration of the door trim panel. The premium cars have enough elite speakers from famous manufacturers, therefore, these vehicles do not require replacement of the audio system.

Sound quality in the car allows you to transmit all the tones, it has a volume and strength. Good quality sound is clean, the door covering it fonit. For all the shortcomings of the regular systems are very reliable, matched to the design of the car, so if you listen to just the radio in the car, rarely play music loudly, then it is possible to be limited to "native" set of speakers.

The number of speakers in the car – not the most important factor in the acoustics of the car, much more important than its type. The minimum set of loudspeakers should be one pair of dual-channel, which consist of high-, midrange and filter crossover. The tweeter is placed higher, mid – lower, the subwoofer can be placed anywhere.

It is important to ensure rigid attachment of the dynamics to the details of the car. When buying new speakers should be aware that native speakers are often smaller than special. Next, you should consider all the technical components: resistance 4 Ohm, sensitivity – 92 dB. All manufacturers of speaker systems you can find different kinds of acoustics in various price categories: from budget to professional.

Budget options well-known manufacturers are about 50.e. premium models can reach up to 2000.e. under the order – up to $ 10000.e. Not worth it to buy speakers unknown brand, it will last a year, so if there are limitations in money, it is better to use a reliable established system.

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