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  • - car.
That time plays in our lives is important and sometimes a key role, evidenced by the fact that modern industry produces electronic devices for various purposes, of the many functions of which one mandatory is intended to display the current time.
No exception from the generally accepted standards and electronic devices, designed for use in vehicles. Including such devices sound like car radios.
To achieve display the current time on the display of the audio device, you must enter the menu of the receiver and navigate to the sub-item "Time", in which you select 24 - or 12-hour output configuration data.
Because with the fact that most of the audio devices manufactured abroad, the default is London GMT, for correct display of the data change it in the Moscow time zone G+3 (for residents of other regions of Russia used a different amendment).
You then need to go to "Setting" and set the current time in hours and minutes, and then command the radio "Save" to save the adjustment.
For permanent display of set time, the keyboard has a separate hot key, press and hold that for 2-3 seconds, you automatically switch the radio mode to display the current time on your monitor.