You will need
  • - radio
  • instruction to the radio
  • code
Read the manual. On the first page should be a tear-off sheet with the code for the radio is 4 digits, which you will need to enter in the system.
Turn on the radio. The screen shows SAFE. If you don't know the exact model of the unit, examine it for the presence of certain buttons. Depending on the presence/absence of signs, you will be able to navigate to click next.
Simultaneously press buttons FM and DX. Hold them until their 1000. Enter the code using the buttons 1-2-3-4 several times pressing each. The screen should display the correct number. Compare them with the ones that have written. If everything is correct, press DX and FM, hold for 2-3 seconds. Radio turns on.
Hold TP and RDS. Wait until the number 1000. Using the buttons 1-2-3-4 enter the correct code. After additional checking code, use TP and RDS for confirmation (2-3 seconds).
If you do not assign TP look for the SCAN button. When the display shows SAFE, press and hold SCAN and RDS at the same time before the advent of 1000. Enter the code buttons 1-2-3-4. To confirm your selection press SCAN and RDS (2-3 seconds).
Press and hold combinations of buttons M and VF or M and U. the screen shows 1000. Enter the code using 1-2-3-4. Press and hold 2-3 seconds of the initial button combination.
In the lineup of stereos Audi, there is Audi Navigation Plus. Turn on the unit. To select the digit code, use the rotating knob. When a digit is required, press the handle. Follow the same steps to select other digits. When the code is entered, the menu look OK. To confirm click again on the handle. Radio turns on.
To enter the code into the radio Audi Gamma CD 4A0 035196NP2 AUZ5Z5 (Japan edition 10.91) use the following sequence. Strictly preserving the order, click DX+U+m Hold for 5 seconds until 1000. Enter the code numbers 1-2-3-4. Use a combination DX+U+M for confirmation (5 seconds). First, appears SAFE, and after two seconds, the radio will work.