You will need
  • - gps Navigator with transmitter.
Adjust the FM transmitter in the Navigator on the example of the brand Glofiish. It is able to transmit sound from 76 to 107 MHz. Set the broadcast frequency of the same as on the radio. To configure the transmitter on the device, enable a special application.
Go to the start menu, choose Programs – Multimedia – FM-Transmitter. Turn the headset on, it is necessary for the operation of the transmitter as well as radio. Otherwise, the screen will appear the error message, and the transmitter will turn off.
Find it in the program window lettering Screen Off, this command turns off the screen, and beneath it is the current frequency. Click on it and tweak it manually by setting the desired frequency. Next, click the volume level to change it. On the right, click the option Change Band to change the frequency range.
At the bottom, find the Start button to get started. And Auto Scan. Perform auto-tuning to find the channels available for streaming. It will need to find a free frequency, to configure a broadcast transmitter.
Set the frequency to the transmitter, it should be the same as on the car stereo. The signal strength of the Navigator is weak because the transmitter cannot interrupt the radio. So often playing at the same time and station, and the sound of the switch. So find a clear frequency.
Then select the desired audio file (book, music) or navigation. The sound will be transmitted to vehicle dynamics, it is convenient when in the car there is no player. Note when you use the speakerphone on the Navigator that the headset used as a microphone. The main advantage of using neurotransmitter is that the sound will be adjusted according to the source priority. For example, if the phone receives an incoming call, the music volume will be reduced automatically.