Well, first, those set by the manufacturer during Assembly of the car on the conveyor. If the car was purchased without such bundling, is to look at the well-known brands such as, Pioneer, Sony, JVC, Clarion and others. Needless to say, the music playback must support mp3 CDs, and the presence of a socket for USB-stick allows you to fold the carrier a few megabytes of your favorite music and enjoy listening without any disks and especially, magazines. Much depends on car speakers and subwoofers.
If you want to see in car video, you have to look at the DVD receiver, and segments of music "falling out" with the jerky, you need to choose a good radio with "anti-shock" - a memory buffer that will provide a reading of this segment in advance.
A good car is a powerful car. Not to be trapped when you select this option, look in the data sheet of the device – it is there and indicate the nominal power of the device. If you plan to connect four instead of two speakers, check on the car the required number of channels. Good car radios of the latest generation equipped with the ISO connector which has one part of the wires to the speakers, and the second wires to the power supply. If your car does not have ISO connector, you will need to buy an ISO connector separately and breed leads.
A good receiver there are additional connectors on the rear panel and first and foremost has a connector for a CD changer. However, you need to pay attention to the radio, and the changer was from one manufacturer.
If you plan to purchase good and expensive car, choose a system with multiple linear inputs. In qualitative system of music playback panel has large convenient buttons and a feature allowing you to adjust the intensity of the glow. Budget options have snaps detachable mechanism to remove the panel and remove the unnecessary. Expensive car radios have a front panel that can be rotated by control bodies inside.
Good car has semiology equalizer, however, such a model is to choose those who possess certain knowledge in this area. If there are none, you can stay on the radio with the provided mode equalizer settings. No harm will function tonecompensation, which provides improved high and low frequencies at low volume.
To date, any model equipped with an FM-AM tuner. So, have a good head unit there is a function that changes the sensitivity of the receiver, and a stereo/mono switch, which affects the quality of signal reception.