Advice 1: How to set up a radio receiver

On the radio there is a power button bands AM/FM1/FM2. It allows you to turn on the radio and to switch between FM/AM. In this case, the display will show the selected indicator range of your radio. There are also buttons to manually adjust radio stations, which is designed for tuning the radio manually.
How to set up a radio receiver
If you want to increase or decrease the frequency for this there are also special buttons that are close and look generally like a triangular parenthesis are directed respectively up and down (possible different variations, depending on the radio).

Often has an option to automatically search for radio stations. To enable the automatic search for a radio tap and hold on it before filing a characteristic of the audio signal. Upon detection of a stable signal for high-quality playback auto search will stop on their own. If you will be forced to suspend the search, press this button 1 time.
In radio there are buttons that enable you to program and switch the radio station. Most frequently listen to radio stations you can store radio. To find and switch them, you need to click on the device settings one of the buttons that are numbered.

Catch the desired radio station using the buttons that increment or decrement the frequency. Next, press and hold the preset button until a beep sounds.
In order to stop the playback of radio stations, click on the button labeled Power (usually it is round size).

Listening to music, adjust the RF signal until, until you are happy with the quality.
- Each mode of search of stations may allow to set for 6 AM, FM1 and PM2 radio stations separately from each other.
- In the descending order of the reception quality of the signal is automatically programming of the six stations.
- If in the automatic search radio stations are not programmed, no radio, the display will light up the indicator “A”.
Useful advice
When disconnecting the head unit, replacing fuses, or replacing the rechargeable battery, radio FM tuning is erased. Don't forget that.

Advice 2: How to set Canon PowerShot SX30 IS

Amateur photography should not only be created in the automatic mode. A new generation of digital cameras with manual and intellectual settings provide an opportunity to do a photo a higher level. Camera Canon PowerShot SX30 is for models with superstrong zoom. The device has automatic and manual setting of shooting parameters. Camera Canon PowerShot SX30 IS you can learn how to change major shooting settings. These parameters include: aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, white balance.
How to set Canon PowerShot SX30 IS

Setting the aperture value

The role of the diaphragm is to regulate the flow of light. The size of the aperture determines the size of the light flux. A small aperture such as f/2.7 is better to use when shooting indoors in a bright Sunny day the aperture should close to the maximum.

The PowerShot SX30 IS manual setting of aperture required for shooting. Exposure the camera sets automatically. To manually set the aperture to rotate the mode dial to the position AV. The aperture value is displayed. Rotating the control dial, you can change the aperture from f/2.7 to f/8.0.

Setting the shutter speed

Another parameter that affects the amount of light – exposure, or the duration the shutter is released. Shutter speed is determined in fractions of seconds or in seconds. The camera PowerShot SX30 available values from 1/3200 second to 15 seconds. To manually set the shutter speed to rotate the mode dial to the TV position. The exposure value appears on the display. When rotating the control dial shutter speed change. In TV mode the camera automatically sets the aperture value.

Changing the ISO speed

We are talking about changing the light sensitivity of the sensor. Lower ISO values are not sensitive to light, this mode is suitable for shooting under strong light. High ISO used for shooting indoors. The lower the ISO, the less noise in the pictures.

The PowerShot SX30 IS you can use the automatic installation mode ISO speed or enter it manually. For manual configuration required on the control wheel press the Func.button.set. Value ISO speed is displayed on the camera display. You can change it by rotating the command dial. After selecting the desired values, again press the Func.button.set.

White balance settings

White balance function sets the optimal white balance for natural colors, in accordance with the shooting conditions. By default, the camera PowerShot SX30 IS applied to the value auto. For manual white balance setting it is necessary to press on the control dial Func.set. On the display side buttons of the control dial you choose the value of AWB. The white balance value will change when rotating the control dial. Select balance from daylight to flash photography depending on the shooting conditions. Then again press the Func.button.set.
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