Power the radio directly from the battery. It does not confuse the negative cable from the EV, in order not to damage the audio system or its components. Direct energizing from the battery will provide the maximum power of radio and the lack of a variety of interference in its work. Alternatively, you can connect the power receiver to the ignition switch or the cigarette lighter. This option is slightly worse, but as simple in execution. Note: the positive wire shall be copper, stranded, cross-section not less than 4 sq. mm. and the shortest length. On this wire, install an additional fuse, the value from 10 to 20 A. It should be installed at a minimum distance of 400 mm from the battery and provided with high-quality insulation. The negative lead is also take the minimum length. Route both of these wires without twists and as far as possible from other consumers. Connect them to the radio last. In any case do not touch the positive wire of the casing of a radio or any speaker wires.
The speaker terminals have plus and minus marking. Most often the negative terminal narrow, and zero wider. Speaker wires also labelled negative cable has a black strip on the insulation, the positive lead of this band has not. When connecting wires, don't confuse the negative wires and terminal with plus. Powerful receiver for each channel has its own pair of wires and they, too, should not be confused or interchanged. Do not ground the speakers to the vehicle body – the maximum volume is significantly lowered, there will be distortion in the sound. Low power stereos may lack wire with a black stripe. In this case, the grounding of all the speakers connect to the black (negative) wire of the radio. The grounding of the radio connect to the negative wire from the battery.
If on the speakers of the old car has no markings to determine the positive wire, take any serviceable battery and connect plus and minus speaker to the battery. With properly selected phasing of the speaker cone POPs out. Improper phasing – out inside. Incorrect phasing of the speakers leads to the loss of sound quality, then the failure of the speaker, then the radio. This is the most common mistake self-installation of the audio system and its components.
Already installed on the radio to check the correct phasing in the following ways. Turn on the carradio, set the maximum power on one of the speakers. Then place a uniform balance on all the speakers. If the sound power and low frequency has been weakened, then the phasing of the selected dynamics is broken and should be changed. This method consistently check the phasing of all loudspeakers.
If you install dynamics in non-standard place, cutting into the metal under the seat, before installing the speaker, and before each fitting assemble the magnet with the edges of the holes the chips and wipe the edge with a rag. All types of loudspeakers set according to the installation instructions.
Do not use the connecting cables supplied with the speaker system. They are intended to support acoustics: when the power dynamics does not exceed 20 W, and a diameter of 13 cm For the main speakers with a power of 40 W and a diameter from 16 cm to use specialized speaker wires from oxygen-free copper with a cross section of 1-4 sq. mm depending on power. These conductors shall be copper and insulation, indicating by arrow direction from the receiver to the speaker.