Find the radio plug to ISO. This type is an international standard for connecting audio systems in the car. If your radio has an individual plug, then it is included needs to go adapter. If not, then you have to buy it in the nearest shop of radio components.
The simplest method of connection is the following. Carefully cut the wires from the plugs, and connect them according to the color markings. All connections thoroughly insulate with electrical tape. However, this method is unreliable and complicates the replacement of the radio. So better install the connector contacts ISO to further shift the radio took a few minutes.
Inspect the plug of the recorder. Brown connector for supplying the audio signal to the speakers, and the black supplies power to the radio and needed for a variety of additional options. Food guide separate wiring from the battery to the radio. Remember that the red and yellow wires, which are involved in nutrition, have their functions.
The yellow wire feeds the memory, and the red mutes the radio and connects directly to the ignition switch. Connect these two wires in parallel, then shutdown device will occur with the buttons on the radio panel. Sometimes this can cause problems if the radio unit is arranged so that its amplifier is powered by the red wire constantly, which can lead to rapid discharge of the battery.
Put in the gap of the red wire an ordinary switch, button, or toggle switch. Don't forget to turn it off in the long Parking lot. You can also use simple schemes to make the radio switch on and off automatically alarm. After connecting all the wires, insert the unit in a suitable place on the panel and secure it.