You will need
  • Car.
During long trips, configure the sound settings of the receiver the most relevant. Listening to your favorite music with good sound helps to reduce fatigue from the road, which no longer seems so exhausting. But this trip, in terms of cacophony, will lead anyone to the "white heat".
In order to set the required parameters of the sound in the car, you need to spend quite a bit of time.
First, you need to turn the receiver on playback, put your favorite song. The volume level is set to maximum, the value of the tones too. Due to arising overload, speakers will sound distorted.
On: reduces the audio power to the nominal level, the timbre of high frequencies remains unchanged, the low frequency is gradually reduced until, until there is no distortion arising due to overload.
In the next step the settings the radio changes the balance adjustment through the channels (front and side). In the car the sound should be distributed so that all its shades was heard sitting behind the wheel for the driver. Achieve the desired effect, redistributing the power output between the front and rear pair of speaker, and, similarly, a custom right and left channels of the speaker system.