The easiest way, the radio have a USB input. If you are among those lucky ones, then take a USB cable that probably came with the playerOhm, connect the device and listen to music exactly the same as with flash.
If the USB input is not, and to listen to music with the playerand want, then buy an additional gadget. It's been called different receiver, transmitter or MP3 modulator. It is possible to read music files from any flash card to the car radio.
Insert the transmitter into the cigarette lighter, turn it on and set it to FM wave that is not occupied by broadcasting, for example, 108,0 FM. Then configure the radio in the car on the same wave.
Connect the MP3player to the device. If the player made in the form of USB brings, it can simply be inserted into the corresponding input. If not, connect it via line-in is the input for output from playerand on an external device, including speakers. As a rule, included with the transmitter has a special cable to connect via line in. Use this cable to connect the player with the transmitter via a headphone Jack.
Turn on the player. To listen to music, manage content of his memory either through the playeror using the remote control transmitter. The quality, volume and intensity of the sound adjust via the radio.
If you are traveling with friends in several cars, they will be able to listen to music from your MP3playerand at the same time. In order to arrange, configure the radios in all cars in the same wave, to which you tuned the receiver.