You will need
  • - surname, name and patronymic of the receiver;
  • - account number of the recipient;
  • - details of the branch of the savings Bank;
  • account with sufficient balance.
Take the owner of the passbook transfer details. If your request causes a difficulty, advise to take the details in the branch Bank where you open his savings account. The number of accounts specified in this document. Check also the surname, name, patronymic of the recipient and it was.
If you make a payment through Internet banking or "Bank-client", enter the recipient's details in their intended field, enter the amount and purpose of payment and give the command for processing the entered information. If sufficient balance of the money will be debited from your account and soon (one to three banking days) will arrive on the settlement account of the recipient.
You can make a transfer from your account at the BEACbookby contacting the Bank in person. Show the teller your passport, give him details, report name, name, patronymic and, if necessary, the INN of the recipient, amount and purpose of payment and sign the proposed paper.