You will need
  • Bank card, savings book, document, identity, computer, Internet, mobile phone, ATM.
If you have an account is on the credit card, go to the nearest ATM, make sure that it belongs to that Bank in which you have registered a personal account. Insert into the card slot your card into the ATM, enter the PIN code issued to you by the Bank in an envelope along with a plastic card or sent by mail. Click on the monitor ATM balance or account balance. Print the result on screen or print out as a receipt.
The modern world cannot be imagined without the computer and the Internet. With the help of latest technology you can check the status of your personal account. Go to the official website of the Bank where you have opened a Bank card or passbook. Register, make any necessary data about you and your account. If he opened the map, enter its number and account number, if the passbook – only account number. Specify your mobile phone number the system will send an SMS with a password which you will need to enter in the appropriate field. When you find yourself on the page, you call the operator support, which will clarify the necessary information and will tell you how to identify on the website. After passing authentication, you will be able to activate online banking and see the balance of your accountfrom the comfort of home.
Call toll free support number of the Bank where you have an account, you will need to switch the phone to tone mode and following the instructions of the answering machine, you will learn the balance of your account on any of the carriers.
If you do not know how to use ATM's and the Internet or just you have no way at the moment to use this technique, apply a personal visit to the Bank. Tell the Bank employee his request to know the balance in the personal account. Imagine the identity document, and your account details. If the account is on the map, show its details (card number, account number, code word), if the account in the savings Bank – submit the account number and the passbook. After verification of the submitted information, the Bank employee will give you a receipt with the amount of your account balance. Sign in the right place, at the request of the Bank employee.