You will need
  • - passbook (if any);
  • - computer with Internet access to log into Sberbank Online;
  • - phone to call the call center of the Bank;
  • - the passport and the plastic card (if available) to stay in office.
Log in to the system "Sberbank Online". Your account numbers you will see on the screen after a successful login.
If you prefer call our call center, dial the numberwhich can be found on the website of the Bank. It is also shown on the plastic card if the one you have.
Introduce yourself completely (name, surname and patronymic) and tell me about your desire to learn room account. If more than one, please specify what you are interested in.
If necessary, answer the questions for additional authentication.
Carefully write down 20 digits that you dictate, name them aloud to check whether fixed.
To know room your account you can also in the Bank where it was opened. To do this contact the operator with your passport and in the presence of a plastic card of the savings Bankand, if the account is linked to it, and tell me what you are interested in the number of estimated bills.