You will need
  • Plastic card of the savings Bank, savings book, telephone, a computer with Internet access, ATM / cash machine
To know the balance of current account or savings book directly at a Bank branch.
Take your Bank card or passbook, an identity document – passport or driver's license. Go to the nearest Bank branch. There contact the appropriate window (usually it is the cashier or use the self-service apparatus.
You can find out the status of the account by phone. Call the Bank branch where you got the map (book). Call your account number and secret word.
If you are the owner of a plastic card of Sberbank, not a passbook, then the balance of the account will help you to find the ATM. You can use ATMs of Sberbank and other banks ' ATMs. Enter your card into the card reader, start typing the PIN and follow the menu instructions on the monitor of the ATM.
For more advanced customers the Sberbank offers the service "Mobile Bank". To connect this service you can directly in the Bank writing a letter, using the ATM or by phone with the service by the Bank. To find out the balance of the account after the activation of the service "Mobile Bank", follow the instructions in the user guide, which you will give when connected to the service.
To elucidate the balanceand you can use a relatively new service of Sberbank, "Sberbank Onl@yn". To connect this service in three ways: directly to the Bank by telephone if you have connected to service "Mobile Bank", or through an ATM. Connecting the service, go to the Internet. Go to the official website of Sberbank. Select "Onl@yn services". Next, select "Sberbank Online". Click the link to Enter the system Sberbank Online". Enter in the appropriate fields, you received a user ID and password. Follow the instructions and prompts.