If you want to know the balance on the savings account, you can do so by contacting the nearest branch of Sberbank. A Bank's offices are equipped with new technology of electronic queue. That is, you are at the entrance to the Bank, you must choose the terminal you need surgery to get the check (it will show your number). Then find above the window, the teller room, which is serviced at the moment, and wait their turn.
As soon as I light up the scoreboard the number of matching image on your receipt, so just go to the Bank employee. For more information on the availability of funds in your savings account, the operator will require your passport and savings book itself. The result is the cash balance you will learn either from the printout, which will give you a specialist or from oral information officer.
If you hike in the savings Bank for you to impossible for certain reasons, then activate the service "Sberbank online", thanks to which using a computer with an Internet connection can learn the rest of the funds from the comfort of home. First you need to connect the service "Mobile Bank".To activate it you should go in branch of the savings Bank or to call by multichannel phone number that is listed on the website. The Bank employee will ask you to introduce themselves and give the account number and ten digits of your cell phone. By telephone you can ask the operator to tell you the ID to enter the program "Sberbank online". Then your mobile will receive a password for the service "Sberbank online". As soon as you enter the system and choose the account, see your balance on the savings account.Passbook today are an echo of the past. Currently, all become more convenient plastic cards that you can use in the ATM savings Bank.