Often the bites of bedbugs, in addition to discomfort, cause people have very real allergies. Have bitten swelling may appear on the face or body, sneezing, runny nose. Therefore, noticing the bite of a bedbug, you should immediately ingest any antihistamine remedy: suprastin, diazolin, etc.
To get rid of the discomfort, the bite of bedbugs should be washed in soapy water. Next you need to apply ice to it for 10-15 minutes.
Seeing on his body the bite of a bug, one should treat the affected skin with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol. This procedure of disinfection must be carried out through equal intervals of time throughout the day. If necessary, wipe with alcohol the bite bug and need the next day.
There is another unusual but effective way to treat bug bites. On the site of the bite, crushing the skin with a fingernail, you need to make a pattern of asterisks. After this bite, can't scratch it. It is believed that so quickly disappears irritation.
To treat bed bug bites, you can use the decoction of Hypericum. One tablespoon of herbs, this medicinal herb should be brewed in one Cup of boiling water. A decoction of St. John's wort should be used as a lotion to the affected bug.
To treat bug bites can, lubricating them with fresh juice of aloe leaves or constantly applying to the affected area plantain leaves.
To get rid of the irritation in the field of bed bug bites by using wiping them highly concentrated soda solution.
If the bite begins to stand out white, yellowish or greenish mucus, treatment should consult a doctor.