Advice 1: How to treat bed bug bites

In some houses in addition to the usual for all Pets: dogs, cats and hamsters, live and such unpleasant creatures like bugs. Their bites are often confused with mosquito bites or allergic reaction. Bug bites red bumps that cause itching and even burning. Often they are lined up in neat rows. Bedbugs usually bite exposed parts of the human body at night, and these creatures prefer people with more delicate skin, i.e. women and children. A special treat bug bites usually do not require, but to get rid of itching and discomfort wants every bite.
Bug bites cause itching and burning.
Often the bites of bedbugs, in addition to discomfort, cause people have very real allergies. Have bitten swelling may appear on the face or body, sneezing, runny nose. Therefore, noticing the bite of a bedbug, you should immediately ingest any antihistamine remedy: suprastin, diazolin, etc.
To get rid of the discomfort, the bite of bedbugs should be washed in soapy water. Next you need to apply ice to it for 10-15 minutes.
Seeing on his body the bite of a bug, one should treat the affected skin with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol. This procedure of disinfection must be carried out through equal intervals of time throughout the day. If necessary, wipe with alcohol the bite bug and need the next day.
There is another unusual but effective way to treat bug bites. On the site of the bite, crushing the skin with a fingernail, you need to make a pattern of asterisks. After this bite, can't scratch it. It is believed that so quickly disappears irritation.
To treat bed bug bites, you can use the decoction of Hypericum. One tablespoon of herbs, this medicinal herb should be brewed in one Cup of boiling water. A decoction of St. John's wort should be used as a lotion to the affected bug.
To treat bug bites can, lubricating them with fresh juice of aloe leaves or constantly applying to the affected area plantain leaves.
To get rid of the irritation in the field of bed bug bites by using wiping them highly concentrated soda solution.
If the bite begins to stand out white, yellowish or greenish mucus, treatment should consult a doctor.

Advice 2: How to treat a dog bite

Bites dog - not such a rare situation in both adults and children, and in most cases attacked people Pets. The dog may accidentally scratch teeth, playing - and capable of in a rage to rush to the man and biting fiercely. This can lead to serious injuries and quite serious diseases - especially if the child suffered. How to treat dog bites?
How to treat a dog bite
Remember that the wounds from the bites of infected bacteria in the oral cavity of the dog. Therefore, in addition to the banal Streptococcus and Staphylococcus in the wound can get gram-negative rods, which in people with reduced immunity provoke severe infectious complications, particularly blood poisoning. Keep in mind that the redness around the bite, swelling and discharge from the wounds are symptoms of infection. The bite of a stray dog , a potentially dangerous rabies. Therefore, it is better to immediately consult a doctor who will assess the risk of infection, perform a lavage and the treatment of the wound, prescribe x-rays for suspected broken bones, that will minimize scarring and complications. Also, be prepared for the introduction of vaccines against rabies and tetanus vaccines, prescribe preventive antibiotic therapy (typically amoxicillin or metronidazole) and suturing. In the case of onset of fever, development of pronounced edema, dysfunction of the limbs the doctor will offer the admission to the hospital.
To provide medical assistance take the following actions:- if the bite is shallow and does not violate the integrity of the skin, the bite, wash thoroughly with boiled water with soap. Then coat the bite with antibacterial ointment, for example, a liniment of syntomycin, apply a dry sterile dressing;
- if the bite is deep and the skin cut up, punctured, or torn, then press the wound with a sterile bandage to prevent or reduce bleeding and infection of wounds.
In the treatment use as auxiliary agents and traditional recipes. Apply on the wound a paste made from turmeric and honey. Disinfectant effects of turmeric and the soothing effect of honey helps to heal wounds. Or make "protoedit" (for external use), chopped some onions, salt and three kernels of walnuts. Eat with an antimicrobial purpose, three or four cloves of garlic a day.
How to treat bite <b>dog</b>

Advice 3: How to treat itching in dogs

Some dog owners notice that beloved pet suddenly became excessively comb and lick the skin. Skin itching animal brings discomfort, and sometimes can lead to complications. The reasons for this behaviour: ranging from hair loss to serious fungal disease.
How to treat itching in dogs
You will need
  • natural food;
  • brush;
  • - antiparasitic shampoo;
  • is a special drug;
  • - colloidal oatmeal;
  • - anti-inflammatory gel.
First find out the cause of pruritus. If you care about your pet, contact the veterinary clinic, because only a specialist will be able to take the required tests and conduct a thorough inspection of the dog.
If the reason lies in the molt, you will have to revise the menu of the animal. To feed the pet needs only natural food that does not contain chemical and artificial ingredients.
In addition to the food you need daily brushing. To do this, get a special brush at the pet store. Please note that the combs can be different – it all depends on the length and type of coat.
If the itching triggered by hair loss, and something else, the vet will take a scraping for fungus. And if the diagnosis is confirmed, your pet will be assigned a complex treatment. This may include vaccination against ringworm, wash antiparasitic shampoos.
The cause of pruritus can be fleas or other parasites. In this case, the veterinarian will designate an animal a specific treatment, which will consist of treatment of the skin, washing antiparasitic agents. In some cases, the treatment should be monthly.
Itching can be caused by allergies. In this case, exclude from the diet dog all the allergenic products – chicken, and questionable feed. In the period of exacerbation let the dog lamb and rice, as these foods are not allergens.
If your dog combed the skin, wash it slightly in tepid water, as it has a calming effect. Add water, colloidal oatmeal, because it is an excellent tool for removing skin itching. Also you can lubricate the inflamed areas of the skin of the animal with a special gel, for example, with aloe. But before that, be sure to consult with a veterinarian.

Advice 4: How to treat flea bites

Fleas are a danger not only for animals but also for humans. They carry various infections and is able to provoke an allergic reaction. A flea bite looks like a small wound surrounded by a red halo. However, even this innocuous at first glance, the damage can cause serious discomfort.
How to treat flea bites
You will need
  • - antiseptic soap;
  • - ice;
  • - baking soda;
  • - ointments that eliminate itching;
  • - the balm "Asterisk";
  • - antihistamines;
  • - Apple cider vinegar.
Reaction to a flea bite varies from mild itching, passing for a short time, to severe edema, to cope with which is possible only with the help of drugs. No matter how looked the bite, wash it with warm water and antiseptic soap. If around the wound started swelling, apply ice to it. It will remove puffiness and eliminate discomfort at the bite location.
If the bite had a strong itch, attach the soda pulp. To prepare a teaspoon of baking soda dilute a small amount of warm water. Apply the composition to the wound and wait until it dries. Relieve itching and accelerate the healing of the scratching will also help Apple cider vinegar mixed with water in proportion 1:1. Soak a cotton pad in the solution and apply it to the wound. Repeat the procedure every hour.
If the bite is swollen, it is better to use medication, not folk remedies. Lubricate the wound "Fenistil gel" or with balm "Asterisk". They eliminate itching, reduce inflammation and speed healing. If within a few hours of treatment is not noticeable, use hydrocortisone ointment. It's quite a serious tool, and therefore it must be applied in a thin layer and not more than twice a day.
Take antihistamines if the flea bite caused the allergic reaction. This may be a "Suprastin", "Tavegil", "Lomilan" and the like means. Preferably before applying them to consult a doctor.
Consult a doctor if the bite was any inflammation or suppuration. Expert advice can't hurt, and in that case, if even small wounds do not heal for a long time.
To prevent repeated bites to treat the room by means of fleas and also propecia Pets.

Advice 5: How to treat Allergy to mosquito bites

Insects the bite secrete special substances that can become allergens to the human body. To prevent negative effects, it is necessary to assist if you are allergic to mosquito bites.
How to treat Allergy to mosquito bites

Causes and signs of allergies

At risk are people who have a predisposition to allergic reactions. Unfavorable factors are a bad environment, insufficient intake of minerals from food, internal diseases.

Signs of Allergy to the bite of a mosquito or another insect appear almost in the first few seconds:
- swelling of the affected area of the body;
- puffiness;
red spot around the bite;
is the itching.
If there is a pronounced form of Allergy reaction of the organism is rapid, so you need an effective treatment.

In addition to the signs of the local lesion, can increase the body temperature, weakness of a General nature to increase heart rate, decrease blood pressure. In some cases, developing angioedema, which is manifested in the form of laryngeal edema or spasms of the lungs. Upon the occurrence of anaphylactic shock in the absence of immediate medical assistance is often fatal for the affected person.
The danger is amplified in the case when mosquitoes are vectors of serious diseases.

How to help the bite of mosquitoes?

Mild Allergy to mosquito bites are easy to treat. This should be applied to the affected area a special medication designed to relieve inflammation, swelling, itching. These include pharmacy means in the form of sprays, ointments, gels with the content of panthenol. Hormonal drugs prescribes only an experienced doctor, as many of them have serious contraindications and side effects.

Help ease the discomfort traditional methods:
- wipe affected area with a cotton swab dipped in a weak solution of baking soda – 1 tsp in a glass of water;
- poultice of cosmetic clay – dissolve the powder in water until mushy consistency and in the form of pellets to attach to the site of the bite;
- lubricate the bite solution of fukortsin or "green stuff";
- apply a wet washcloth or a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, Cologne;
- make lotions from furatsilina – 1 tablet to a glass of water.

As a treatment after the elimination of the first signs is applied specific immunotherapy, which is aimed at getting rid of the Allergy and not only its symptoms.

Biting midges are characterized by unpleasant symptoms that persist over a long period of time. Often there is pain in the affected area. With the appearance of more severe signs of allergies fast youto heal and to eliminate the effects can seek help from a doctor.

Advice 6: How to cure the bite of a gadfly

If in the summer you are going to go to the nature, it is necessary to provide a meeting not only with mosquitoes, which many in the woods and along the banks of ponds, but from horseflies or gadflies – large grey flies, which bite is very painful. The danger of such a meeting lies in the fact that the substance that he injects into the skin when they bite, is an allergen and can trigger an allergic reaction.
How to cure the bite of a gadfly

Symptoms of bot fly

In General, the bot fly is hard to miss, it literally bites into the skin as its quite thick compared to the mosquito, the sting almost instantly causing a painful sensation at the site of the bite. Simultaneously with the gadflies bite inject saliva into the wound with anticoagulants and toxins, so the blood was thinner, so wounds after their bites bleed for a long time. In the case when the bite is itchy, sore and even bleeding a few hours after you have become the victim of an attack, this means that has started an allergic reaction. In this case, often around the bite appears redness and even swelling. If bitten was a baby, his soft skin that can start to suppurate.
Botflies are carriers of dangerous diseases such as anthrax, tularemia, trypanosomiasis and filariasis.

First aid for the bite of gadfly

As soon as you detect a bite, wash the wound with warm water and soap or to treat it with hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green or iodine. If they are not at hand, any suitable alcohol-containing liquid, the same vodka, for example. If the bite was strong and painful, or when they were attacked, the child should drink a pain reliever.
The bitten place should not be touched and scratched, even when the wound itches. You can put on the infection and prevent rapid healing.

Use folk remedies. Suitable as a wound-healing plantain leaves, goutweed, dandelion. Tear them and rinse well in running water and grind to a pulp and apply on the wound. On top of it can make a bandage or pin the top folded several times the bandage with adhesive plaster. The milky juice of the dandelion, which stands on the site of the cut stem, can also help incuring the wound. You can apply onion by making a cut onion so that the juice got on the wound.

In the case when there is an allergic reaction, use antihistamines of marching kit. Watch bitten – Allergy can trigger anaphylactic shock. If he has fever, nausea and retching, difficulty breathing, should immediately deliver the person to the doctor or call an ambulance.

How to protect themselves from the bites of horseflies

Going to places where you can attack insects, wear closed clothes made of dense fabric, which they will not be able to bite. Make sure that the ankles and the neck was closed. Head cover with scarf or cap gadfly can bite, if the hair is short. Bring repellent, designed to repel these insects.

Advice 7: How to treat dog bites

The causes of aggression in dogs very much. The result of an animal attack on humans is, as a rule, the bite in the form of a puncture or lacerations. However, to treat such damage must be a special method. The main thing you need to bear in mind is the health of the dog.
Attack dog

How to treat the bites of domestic dogs

The bites of domestic dogs are transferred and treated much easier than the wounds from the attacks of stray animals. This is because the probability of getting infected from vaccinated and healthy pet is very small. Conscientious owners monitor the dog's health, regularly consult with veterinarians and doing all the necessary vaccinations. If you are bitten by a pet, then treat the wound must be in accordance with the degree of its complexity.

You first need to stop the bleeding, if present. This is accomplished by using a tight bandage from the bandage. If the wound is not too deep, to stop the bleeding you can, pushing down on the damaged area with your finger. Once the blood stops oozing, the wound must be carefully treated with hydrogen peroxide or any antiseptic. Previously, the damaged area should be rinsed with clean water. After all these procedures the bite is treated by antibiotic ointment and tabinoyado. Please note that the bandage should be changed regularly, and when there is inflammation, it is better to consult a doctor.

Lacerations from bites

If the result of the bite formed laceration, regardless of the fact you attacked a pet or a street dog, a trip to the doctor will have to implement the required. It is likely that you have stitches and carry out additional measures of treatment.

First aid for lacerations is performed on the same principle as in stab. First, the affected area is washed, then treated with hydrogen peroxide and tabinoyado. The problem may occur with the stop the blood, so in some cases it is necessary to call an ambulance.

Features of dog bites

Even if you are confident in the health of the dog that bit you, it is better to seek help from a specialist. The fact that the teeth even Pets can accumulate a lot of harmful bacteria, which cause the most dangerous infections. The doctor prescribes special treatment on the basis of antibiotics. The most common means of prevention of infection are injection. It is important to remember that homeless animals can be carriers of rabies, and by their appearance, they can look perfectly healthy.

If man attacks too aggressive dog or several animals, in this case not only a serious and prolonged treatment and hospitalization. After the massive attacks as soon as possible to call an ambulance to the victim.

Traditional methods

All wounds t dog bites it is better treated with solution of brilliant green or iodine. Within a few days after the injury, take vitamin C. in addition, to relieve the pain and help the wound zazhityh fast is possible by means of traditional methods. For example, dressing with crushed leaves of aloe, or a mixture of walnuts, onion and honey.

Advice 8: How to treat the bite of a domestic cat

Biting Pets – a fairly common phenomenon. To such a injuries are not serious, although they can carry a certain amount of risk. The bite of a cat, like a dog bite, may, for example, result in contamination. Whatever this bite must be properly treated.
How to treat the bite of a domestic cat

Wash the wound

The first thing you need to do as soon as possible to clean the wound. The bite may not be deep, however wash it you still need, the mouth of a cat contains a large number of microbes that are potentially dangerous for human health. Rinse the wound with plain water. In the case of severe bleeding and deep bites will cover the wound with a bandage and go to the doctor, she needs to see a specialist.

Deep wounds are not the only reasons for seeking medical help. Contact your doctors if you feel severe pain, they can indicate nerve damage. Do not attempt to self-treat if you have disease not allowing the body to fight infection (diseases of the liver and lungs, diabetes, etc.).


If you are asked to physicians, considering that the wound is not serious, it can appear infection. It is likely to spread on an already dead part of your skin. In such cases, doctors sometimes do not hurry to treat the bites. Some such injuries are given a few days, they began to heal themselves. This time is necessary to ensure that the bite does not contain more infections. Then the injury is sutured in the usual way. In some cases, the bite can be deep enough to require surgery for its treatment. However, this most often occurs through the bites of dogs than cats.


In addition to handling the bite doctors may prescribe various antibiotics that will help to prevent further spread of the infection. Bites of cats, antibiotics are prescribed more frequently than dog bites. This is because the risk of catching an infection from a cat bite is much higher. Antibiotics are also prescribed in cases where the injury over time does not pass, and only causes more and more discomfort, if you are preparing for surgery and you must get the infection under control as soon as possible. Indications for use of this is and complications of trauma, e.g., redness, the appearance of tumors, bleeding, etc.


Rabies is an extremely dangerous disease that is passed from animals, for example bites. The most common cause of this disease become stray dogs, however, might be dangerous and can bite cats. Rabies progresses very quickly, so if you have a suspicion that the cat may be infected (for example, you don't know, did the master of her flu shot), immediately seek medical help.

Advice 9: How to treat severe mosquito bites

There are many means of protection against mosquitoes: creams, sprays, ointments and fumigators, but not always, they can be used. In this case, after a mosquito bite there is swelling, irritation and intense itching.
How to treat severe mosquito bites
You will need
  • Parsley leaves or plantain, ammonia, weak solution of potassium permanganate, softened mint leaves or cherry, the juice of citrus fruits, the juice of plantain, calendula juice, onion juice or parsley, juice of celandine, the balm "Asterisk".
Mosquitoes are carriers of various diseases, including such dangerous and intractable as encephalitis. Combing the wound from a mosquito bite, you can easily bring an infection in it. For example, when working outdoors was bitten by a mosquito, the bite is very itchy and he starts scratching it hard, and not very clean hands. If the bite occurred on the forehead or the temples, the bite could easily get sweat, which also causes a burning sensation and the result is an explosive mixture - a mosquito bite, dirt and sweat. To mosquito bites did not bring much harm, you need to follow a sequence of actions after they are detected.
The bite does not need combing, to prevent the occurrence of edema must be applied to the wound a small piece of ice or put the bite under running cold water. Also swelling itching and perfectly remove the juice of parsley and psyllium. To do this, take a piece of parsley or plantain, mash with a soup spoon, or any other means at hand until the juice, then the resulting juice must be carefully treat the bite.
To relieve feelings of itching, there are also folk remedies. For example, the place of mosquito bite can be treated moistened in soda solution (1 tsp soda to a half Cup of cold boiled water) with a cotton swab. Adults relieve itching from the bite will help a small compress of cotton wool soaked in ammonia solution or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
Also an effective remedy for relieving burning sensation at the site of insect bite is softened mint leaves or cherry, the juice of citrus fruits, plantain, calendula, onions or parsley. To get the result applied leaves or a small compress of cotton wool, liberally soaked in any of these juices to the bite.
Juice of celandine is a great method of combating insect bites. Treating the bite with juice of this plant, in addition to relieving swelling and itching, there is a complete disinfection of the wound. The same effect has known since childhood balm "Asterisk". It will not only relieve severe itching and irritation, but also will scare away annoying insects.
When used for the treatment of insect bites and stings ammonia should act with the greatest care to avoid contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes.
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