Natural repellents

полыньMosquitoes scare the aromas of anise, peppermint, wormwood, juniper, citronella. Buy natural essential oil of one or more of the listed plants, spray perfume, high quality vodka or alcohol. Mix 50 ml vodka 10 ml oil and pour into a spray bottle. Apply the product on exposed areas of the body, avoiding contact with mucous membranes and eyes. For children it is possible to prepare an aqueous solution of oils in the same proportion or mix essential oils with regular vegetable oil to avoid burning.

To repel gnats — small black gnats that bite is very painful mainly in the area where you can find your pulse (wrist, neck, armpit) — great solution of vanillin. Dissolve 1 g of crystalline powder (1 sachet) in 100 ml of water and pour into a spray bottle.

How to behave when attacking insects

Bees and wasps are attacking in exceptional cases, when they feel danger. In this case, if a bee stings and dies, a wasp can do it repeatedly. So, if you fly one or more stinging insects, do not wave your hands, do not try to drive away or kill. They have a hard body, which is not so easy to injure, but to piss off the insect can be easily. If you or child something sweet drink, candy or ice cream, it is better to gently put it down and move on.

Going into the forest, don't wear bright colored things and do not use perfume with a sweet aroma. If you are attacked by several wasps or bees, so near may be their hive, try to leave this place. When choosing a place for picnic, carefully inspect the ground and bushes next there should be no anthills, no aspen trees.

Being in the woods or a field, you can attract the attention of many blood-sucking insects, what to do in the case, even when the repellents don't work? If possible, go outdoors to an open hill — the wind will blow the clouds of insects. If this is not possible, Narva sage and spread the fire, sketched in it this plant. Hold the top clothes over the smoke and put it on. You can also RUB the fresh leaves of wormwood in his hand and to touch them to open parts of the body to kill the smell.

Than to remove swelling from insect bite

Ant bite is the injection of formic acid, neutralize can with vinegar, as suggested by some carers, and any lye: soap or baking soda. When multiple bites may develop an allergic reaction, so you need to take any anti seizure medication.

The bite of a mosquito or midges itchy due to substances that thin the blood, which is blood-thirsty females injected with the bite. Him developing local allergic reaction, the extent of which depends on the characteristics of the organism. For quick relief of itching and inflammation you should use local anti-allergic agent ("Advantan", "Ftorokort") or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ("Ketorol").

First aid for a bee sting (wasps)

If stung by a bee, wasp, hornet or Bumble bee, you first need to remove the stinger with tweezers or fingernails (in any case not to squeeze) and rinse the wound under running water to remove as much poison as possible. Next, cover the wound with a cotton swab dipped in ammonia solution, hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate solution. In the predisposition to allergies, take an antihistamine (Suprastin", "Ketotifen") in order to avoid the development of acute allergic reactions. If stung not getting better, immediately call the "Ambulance".