In an apartment house for fleas, you need to call the sanitary epidemic station for the processing of all apartments. Control of fleas in my apartment will bring a temporary effect. If your apartment has fleas, with 100% confidence we can say that fleas are in all the apartments of an apartment house. Modern processing methods don't leave stains and odor and give a guaranteed result.
If you want to deal with fleas in my apartment, then get ready for the systematic treatment of the apartment insecticidal preparations, which are sold in aerosol cans and ampoules to combat crawling insects.
Buying the product in the spray, before you start treatment remove from the apartment all people and Pets, clean the aquarium and a birdcage, carefully pack all products. Treat floors, walls, baseboards, sofas and beds. Wash and ventilate the room needed a few hours after the treatment, and not 30 minutes as indicated on the cans. Prepare yourself for the fact that the treatment will have to proceed systematically, while all your neighbors do not agree on a common processing apartments.
If you bought the drug for treatment against crawling insects in the vial, then dilute it in the water and treat the walls, baseboards and floors. The cracks must be processed carefully. Spend a few hours cleaning the apartment , removing the means which produce the treatment. As with the treatment of aerosols, clear of people and Pets, pack the products and take measures for personal protection.