Where does the bed mites?

If the apartment is infested with bed mites – it does not mean that the owners of untidy or unclean.

Mites – this is the hotel of old houses, where dust gathered over decades. Also they live in rented apartments where tenants change frequently. It is possible that the guests brought bed the tick of her own clothes. Maybe the owners themselves brought the parasite from the next business trip or travel, or sat in a 'infected' the couch.

Impossible to find that you brought into the house uninvited guest, since bed mites are very small with a calf size from 0.1 to 0.5 mm, but very tenacious. It has 6 legs, each of which has a kind of suction Cup. This allows them hard to resist on fabric.

What is dangerous to bed mites?

A favorable environment for mites is a temperature of 20-25°C and humidity 60-80%. They feed on skin dander of the person. Therefore, the ideal habitat for them bed. In one bed they can live about 2 million individuals. And everywhere they leave traces of their life that can trigger the occurrence of household allergies in humans.

Therefore, bed mites are especially dangerous for people with allergies. They may experience watery eyes, stuffy nose, sneezing, skin rashes, redness of the throat, fever, itching.

To make sure that the cause of sickness is bed mites, you should consult a doctor. Similar symptoms have also been observed in other allergenic agent.

How to get rid of bed mites?

It is better to contact a special service that specializiruetsya on the destruction of this parasite. It is quite expensive but is effective.

You can try to get rid of mites on its own. It is necessary to wash all clothes and bed linen. Is necessary to clean the feathers in the pillows. This can be done at the dry cleaners or home with the help of soaking in water with addition of 50 g of soap, half a Cup of ammonia.

For prevention should sometimes make the blankets and pillows into the cold and into the sun. Ticks are afraid of low temperatures and ultraviolet radiation. Often you need to ventilate the room, do wet cleaning. Bed linen should be changed once a week. You can not let Pets in your bed.

No harm will replace old mattresses, quilts for the new that is made from special materials that can be washed.