If bitten by a tick, call the ambulance and get advice about your next steps. In General, you need as quickly as possible to seek qualified help in the clinic by place of residence, SES or the emergency room. If for any reason you are unable to go to the clinic, try to remove the insect by yourself.

Remove the tick in different ways. Better and more convenient to do it using the curved tweezers. Grab the insect as close to the skin and gently pull, while rotate it around its axis in any direction. Do not make sudden movements.

If you didn't have the tweezers, remove the tick with a sturdy thread. Tie a knot as close to the proboscis of the insect, then carefully pull the tick upwards, shaking it to the side.

You can try to pull the tick with your hands, if there is no thread or tools. Hugging his body with fingers, pull it up, rotating it around its axis. Then the hands must be washed and treated with antiseptic along with a bite.

It happens that when you remove the tick, his head comes off. In this case, the suction handle alcohol, and then remove the head with, is burnt to heat needles.

After removal of the insect at the first opportunity contact the hospital to pass the necessary examination. In addition, it is necessary to take the analysis of the bloodsucker to exclude the presence of infections.

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