The flea bites may be not only animals but also people. For example, the cat flea is unpretentious in the choice of food, so it can attack dogs, rabbits, rats, mice, and humans.

Flea allergic dermatitis is the result of hypersensitivity to the flea bite. The allergen is the saliva, the itching at the bite site may last quite a long time.

Another disease appearing in humans, a bite from a flea is depilation. This infection of tape worms in the human intestine they can reach lengths of 70 cm

Bartonellosis, or "Bartonella infection", brings together an extensive group of diseases, characterized by clinical signs but caused by bacteria of the same genus. The bartonellosis sick dogs, cats, people.

Contracting the above diseases can be in different places – outside, in the entrance, dealing with other animals, even if they are fully home. You can bring fleas into his apartment with the dirt on clothes or shoes.

Fleas are very resistant to changes in temperature and remain active even in cold weather. Wet cleaning of the apartment, alas, does not protect against fleas and even contributes to their intensive growth, as these parasites love high humidity. Practically the only effective measure of dealing with fleas is the regular treatment of animals with insecticides.

Infestation of fleas in pet hair is not always visible to their owners. The problem of pest control lies in the fact that cat or dog you only live adults, the primary population of parasites (95% of the larvae, pupae, eggs) are in the environment – litter, in cracks in the floor, on objects care for your pet, carpets etc. Therefore, the treatment needs of the animal and the premises.

About the harm these insects and say the following figures: a flea in one day on average, makes up to 400 bites, the height of her jump reach 1.5 meters, one flea lays approximately 500 to 2,000 eggs. The average life expectancy is one of the parasite - to one and a half years. Suck the blood of one individual may from one minute to several hours.