Aries are very impressionable and impulsive, so often fall in love at first sight. Because they are confident and impatient, they usually immediately begin to take action to conquer the object of his passion. But no matter how passionate a love of Aries, it can quickly fade if the relationship will become monotonous and boring.
Taurus is also one of the most passionate signs of the Zodiac, but his feelings flare up slowly. He needs time to realize his love, but if it is mutual, it is difficult to imagine a more gentle, romantic and faithful partner than a Taurus. Representatives of this sign are very sentimental, but do not like to show their feelings in public, preferring to this intimate setting.
Gemini is very interested and unpredictable nature. Although in love they are very gentle and caring partners, often their feelings can be quite superficial. Love Twins is usually manifested in the form of a strong interest in a new person. But if one day with him is getting bored or appears on the horizon, someone more attractive, the Twins can immediately change the direction of their feelings.
Cancer – the most romantic and dreamy sign of the zodiac, which is in constant search of ideal love. To recognize enamored Cancer is difficult, as it's very fragile and sensitive, and therefore carefully hides his feelings. But if the object of his dreams is taking a step towards Cancer can turn into very creative boyfriend, who surround the elect with warmth and care.
Lions choose their partners pretty picky. They are very ambitious, and so able to fall in love only in a very bright, strong and self-confident person. In love with Leo immediately expresses his feelings through a beautiful courtship and tokens, irresistible.
In Deva is a wonderful combination of the coolness and sensuality. Because of the duality of nature the people of this Zodiac sign love feel insecure. On the one hand, they are burning tender feelings, and on the other trying to stifle his passion by the voice of reason. But tied to his elect, the virgin becomes a very faithful and reliable companion that will go for love at any sacrifice.
Libra is very charming and pleasant, so they always have a lot of fans. This sign of Zodiac belongs to the category of invaders and not able to fall in love at first sight. The scale shows the relationship where the first place is not a passion, and partnership, and prefer to be chosen and achieved.
Scorpions are capable of very strong feelings. They fall in love with all the passion and aspire to take first place in the life of the elect, taking possession of all his thoughts. People of this sign are illegible in loving relationships and they often have fleeting romances, but love really turn into faithful and reliable partners.
Sagittarians love associated with adventure and treat it easily. Important to them the process of conquest, and when the goal is reached, Sagittarius can easily switch to another person. But even having fallen in love for real and tied to the man, he will not assume any obligation and will prefer to remain free. This sign fit the same independent partners, who retain independence even being in a relationship and allow his companions to do the same.
Capricorn strongly opposes the feeling of being in love and trying to control my emotions. He does not recognize his passion and conceals it. But despite the outward coldness of the people of this Zodiac sign are very sensitive and vulnerable. The only way to check the feelings of the Capricorn – long and patiently to show their disposition to him, waiting for the moment when he decides to open up.
Aquarius usually falls in love not in man, but in a fictional way, so often disappointed. As a true representative of the air element, he is able to light many Hobbies and not committed to long-term relations. Even if the person it excites, it will treat him friendly. Sometimes Aquarius can be very romantic, but it happens spontaneously, when he suddenly started setting things up.
Fish can be very difficult to start a relationship. Because of their hesitation they are not ready to take the first step, so long suffering because of his love, not daring even to approach the object of their dreams. But over time, the Fish can muster the determination and cautious activity. Usually love this sign manifests in behavior is very noticeable: Fish are particularly dreamy, quiet and scattered.