Aquarius in love will do everything for the person who was the object of his passion. He will spare neither time nor effort to surprise and please the beloved or favorite, I will try to present the most incredible surprise. But have no fear: the Aquarius is very caring towards those who appreciate this surprise will not be unpleasant or uncomfortable.
Aquarius love blooms in the literal sense of the word. This applies to both men and women of this sign. Love immediately becomes noticeable, the person starts constantly and without reason to smile, to walk, humming something under his breath, becoming a little child-like. Aquarians are generally very happy with your feelings, they encompass the most pleasant and positive emotions.
Despite the image of a cold and unemotional people, Aquarians love sex. If a man fell in love with you, a constant desire for closeness, especially at first, maybe at first you even a little surprise. Sexual desire of the representatives of this sign is based on a not very attractive appearance, and various tweaks on it, these people love something different and excite them, not the external data, and personal qualities of the partner.
In love Aquarius is often trying to change their lives. Simply because for him a new life and the snake came. He can quit Smoking, start Jogging, or take some change. Just like he probably wouldn't do such things, but love is special. Freedom-loving Aquarius can even begin to think about family life and about children, sometimes surprising such of the elect or the darling speeches about it.
In normal times, Aquarians are quite a few impatient and irritable, that they themselves don't like. But when they fall in love, it completely disappears. Things that used to disturb this man and cared for him completely lose all meaning.
Aquarius begins to write SMS and make calls even if I used to think that such things are only needed for business meetings or to arrange a meeting. He can be very gentle and careful, agree to compromise, and suddenly disappears somewhere known vidolasco stubbornness...
When Aquarius falls in love, he becomes incredibly shy. Before this man could easily become the center of any company, just releasing a few jokes in his own indomitable style. But if there is a way not representative of this sign, then he begins to hide his eyes.
If Aquarius loves you, he remembers everything. Aquarians are usually characterized by confusion and complacency, but when it comes to love, their memory is clearly imprinted all the details, even the pieces of information you know about your loved one. Even if you casually mentioned his birthday, you can be sure, in love with Aquarius and will never forget her.