Note that the Bulls hate hypocrisy and are able to recognize it immediately. Your main weapon in seducing guy-Taurus easy charm, beauty without frills, and most importantly, natural behavior. Do not pretend to be the one which you are not. Don't dress vulgar, do not paint too bright. Taurus are like a modest, kind and natural girl. Thus, it is important that you always looked neat and tidy.
Taurus - food lovers. You have prepared a romantic dinner in the beginning of the relationship can customize it to you the most favorable way. But if you choose to prepare his favorite dishes, will not forget about the dessert and a good bottle of wine, then you'll definitely be able to take a place in his heart. Taureans love when they are cared for and tasty food.
Guys-Taurus is reliable and responsible. The same they expect from their chosen. If you have a habit to be late for the date and do not fulfill their promises, soon you risk to lose interest of Taurus.
Taurus is also very important, how does a woman in bed. They are loving and passionate nature, love to experiment and surprise in an intimate relationship. If you do not share his ideas in bed, then quickly bored him. Learn to take the initiative, to surprise and to deliver to the beloved pleasure. Is the key to a long relationship with Taurus.
The calf must be able to listen to, to endorse and support his ideas, to be a kindred spirit. The perfect girl for Taurus the one that admires him and supports in all endeavors. Taurus bitter envy, lies, he will only fall a sincere and kind girl.
Calves experience a greater pull toward the earth. Their dream is to live in a country house with a plot of land with a large family. Taurus is a good family man and loving father. If you like following prospects of development of relations, boldly fascinate Taurus, as it can become your reliable, caring, hardworking and truly loving companion in life.