Become a model-independent, witty and free woman. Graciously accept any of his courtship, and do not refuse gifts. You must be a woman who loves to be the center of male attention. No harm will flirting with other men, jealousy will only whet the interest of the man-Sagittarius to you. While he adores you, you are in control.
Always be different, monotony and life kill the feelings of your partner. Let him share all his Hobbies. Become not only his mistress but also a friend who understands and supports him in everything. Simultaneously, do not try to blame the man of Sagittarius, if he were guilty of something, especially treason. A careless word can become the reason for your breakup.
Develop, above all, intellectually. The woman who will impress him with your intelligence and ability to carry on a conversation, has all chances to become his wife. While it may not be a very sexy appearance.
Love activity, sport and fun pastime. Male-Sagittarius feels relaxed in such atmosphere. Become like him, loving all the same things that he did.
After you married him, don't think that will now be able to change it. Married man Sagittarius-personality independent. Shut your eyes to his passion for the opposite sex. Continue to be lively, independent and freedom-loving personality, which he can be proud of.