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  • - Zodiac sign;
  • sexual horoscope;
  • horoscope sexual compatibility.
The astrologers unanimously attribute to the high sexuality of Scorpio. One of the most passionate signs of the Zodiac Scorpio has earned, thanks to his extraordinary love of carnal pleasures. He not only loves but also appreciates. Therefore, physical proximity and physical side of love for him above all else. Scorpio in bed, tireless, persistent and passionate. But he can be gentle and inventive. Sexual partner of Scorpio can only envy.
The following according to the degree of temperamental and passion is Aries. Extremely passionate and energetic, energetic and a bit selfish. He seeks to the top of pleasure, not forgetting to lead partner. Yes, Aries can make his partner was with him. RAM inexhaustible sexual energy that persists for many years.
Three leaders closes sexy Sagittarius. In bed with him, few can match the degree of ingenuity, persistence, and the ability to experiment. Sexual intercourse with him surprisingly light, bright and memorable. He is so passionate that fall under his sexual spell is worthless. That's just to get out of them or convince Archer to stay forever – employment is not easy.
Quite temperamental, with some exaggeration, can be called a Calf and Lion. First loves carnal pleasure – from delicious food to excellent sex. He knows how to get pleasure and how to deliver it. Petting the Calf are not passionate, but his passion can be long like a marathon. And he will be a tireless, careful, persistent, yet not ignite in the partner real fire of desires.
Leo wants to be king in everything, including sex. In all areas, he strives to show their uniqueness. He is a professional seducer. Love luxurious sex. And can do everything possible so that his sex life was just that. In his Arsenal there are always techniques that he can easily conquer, delight and surprise partner.