Men-Pisces fall in love very quickly. They sometimes only two or three meetings with the person to begin to experience deep feelings. They begin to be jealous, to care, to show that love. Very often partners are not ready for such an onslaught, and simply run away.
Lovers Pisces are very romantic. They organize an incredible date at sunset on the roof, strewn with autumn leaves in the Park, on the shore of the lake, etc. Like places where you can retire and talk about feelings. They confess their love, read poetry, describe the partner of your feelings. Pisces are very open and do not hide what is in their hearts.
Such lovers do not demand gifts and do not rush to give them. For them love is primarily a kinship. And all the material goes by the wayside. However, if the partner asks about something, the Fish can not refuse. The lovers are the representatives of this zodiac sign are very responsive to any requests.
Lovers become scattered. They forget promises, they can not call in time. Should not angry with them. Just take the initiative and remind the Fish about the promise. When representatives of this sign are overwhelmed with feelings, they begin to build in your head an ideal illusory world, and often forget about today.
Men-Pisces are very sensitive and respond sharply to insults. Especially acute is the quality, when they are in a relationship. Any spoken word, seemed to representatives of this sign is too sharp, will make their long silence. They will be offended as long as you don't ask for forgiveness and say how much they love. But if they feel that the partner they for something angry, they will not wait, and immediately suitable apology. Fish I respect the feelings of the second half, and always try to do everything possible to restore the psychological climate in the relationship.