Libra lovers are abruptly thrown into the attack. Since one particular time they are absolutely sure in our feelings, we literally imposed potential partner, convinced that they're in love and ready on feats. Once a person reciprocates - dust Weights weakens. They are no longer sure I made the right choice, and step back. Of course, such behavior offends a partner. He begins to build relationships with others, which instantly displays Weights up, and they again rush to the attack.
Libra lovers are quite selfish and require more attention. They believe that the partner should be grateful to them for the fact that they are still undecided and are close by.
Libra - reserved, not prone to emotion sign. They don't look happy about the good news and not particularly upset if he heard something bad. Also not emotional they are in love.
Libra don't like to give gifts, just think this is unnecessary. But in response do not require any gifts. A proof of love for them - admiration partner. Libra is very fond of flattery, and ready for her at all.
Libra lovers are absolutely not jealous. They are so confident that enables the partner to communicate with the opposite sex. They're even willing to forgive the adultery, provided that the partner had repented and confessed adoration.
Libra lovers do not like turmoil. The best date for them - at home, in front of the TV, wrapped in a favorite blanket. They do not need the public, because then the attention of the partner will switch and he will not be able to admire them constantly.
Those who decided on the ratio of the Weights must be prepared for some monotony of their life together. But if you have a desire to meet with friends or to go on a journey - Libra will not prevent. Representatives of this sign will be great partners for those who cherish freedom in a relationship.