It is believed that Twins are often associated with superficiality and impermanence in combination with amorousness. Such people can tie a few together, since any one of the passions do not feel particularly deep feelings. They do not like to complicate my life and dramatize. To win the Twin, it is necessary to constantly surprise changes his image, his behavior, and diversity of personality. He likes variety, he likes when a woman often changes her hairstyle and outfits. He is in love, yet is interested and has the opportunity to gain new experiences.
If the male Twin is seriously interested in a woman, it becomes for him a source of inspiration. It covers the emotions that he needs to vent. So he can behave in such an uncharacteristic way, for example, will begin to follow the fashion and their appearance, fond of cooking, even if you never cook. In love Gemini is inclined to idealize your partner, to see advantages and ignore the disadvantages. But all this does not guarantee that this idyll will last forever. After some time, the mood of this sign can change, and then the woman would have something to attract attention to himself. Although the man could sincerely believe that love is forever.
This zodiac sign attract women sociable, erudite, witty, with whom you can talk on any topic, but not really going into details. He have to have chosen something in common, some interests. He loves when you compliment his intellect and intelligence. In this regard, it is vulnerable to criticism, although maybe not to show it.
In the relationship male-Twin can produce a contradictory impression, miscommunication in such a pair is not uncommon. The woman may be a long time to get used to the changing moods of their partner. One thing - get bored with it does not happen. It all depends on whether the woman is to endure a constant roller coaster ride and the love of Twin for freedom. At the same time, he does not necessarily provide the same freedom my friend. He likes the reliability and dependence on the part of women, combined with unpredictability, and it's really not an easy task.
In society, the Twin courteous, able to keep conversation and enchant those around you with its subtle sense of humor. It can a very long story about something interesting for him. He will easily impress friends and relatives of his passions. And with her friends, maybe even flirt, at times, with a continuation, although to hide it from him are unlikely to succeed.